Business growth through digital partnerships

Business growth through digital partnerships

We have worked with many businesses over several years and been at the forefront of the multiple challenges of trying to build and grow a sustainable enterprise. We often work with clients to overcome these challenges, but it is important that we highlight some of the problems a growing enterprise faces. We have experienced first hand some business pressures with our clients, and these elements are integral: maintaining integrity in today’s economy, cash flow and resource management, increased competition, marketing and customer loyalty, uncertainty, risk management and finding the right talent and skills. This is a daunting list of business challenges that the managing director must face and overcome to run a successful business.

The fact is that today’s economy will call into question the integrity of most businesses that must compete to stay ahead. The uncertainty of local markets and greater access to new markets means that competition is higher; your customers can easily buy from suppliers in another country if the price is right. It has never been easier to open a business and unlike well-established firms disruptors can swoop in and change the landscape instantly.

Within this uncertain space, there is an opportunity to partner with digital experts to ensure the digital fitness of your organisation. You will be able to keep on top of industry trends, watch competitors and drive business objectives. A digital partnership that focuses on business growth can help you to focus in the following areas:

1. Plan ahead with digital tactics to automate business processes

A digital consultant helping you to plan for success will lay the foundation for your future business needs. This may involve automating processes in your business, controlling systems for sales, marketing and finance. But this could also be how to move your business into the digital sphere of online applications, mobile business and integrated systems.

2. Centralising communications across sales, marketing, communications and social media

As a business, you have seen the disparate communications from your communications team, marketing team, sales team and then the social media team as well. A strong digital partnership will help you to unify your communication strategy and enforce a single product, service and brand message across the business.

3. Hiring the right talent through talent acquisition programmes

Yes, your digital agency or partner can help you to drive unique talent campaigns. It’s an exciting process attracting the right talent and to engage with them so they want to apply for a position at your firm. It entices the right answers out of these candidates and simplifies the hiring process.

4. Turning Sales & Marketing into a revenue-generating team

Your digital partner should be able to programmatically turn your sales and marketing team into a revenue-generating engine. Rather than marketing or promoting a product in a silo and sales chasing their revenue targets we align these teams so that the message is central to achieving the single goal between the two teams. Your digital partner should help your team to set up realistic marketing goals and turn it into sales targets that both sides can work towards in a bid to mutually achieve business growth.

To address the other challenges a reliable digital partner will help you to maintain your business integrity through your communications online and your business profile as a trusted industry leader. A digital partner will assist you with managing opportunities and turning them into sales. We take control of this and automate your sales forecasting so your cash flow prediction becomes more precise. Less sales involvement means fewer resources in some areas; the same can be said for talent acquisition programmes, they require less human involvement and cut down on time spent on recruitment.

We can address the increased competition as we track competitors and take proactive measures to counter your competitors. We often identify competitors in this way and we can improve customer loyalty through retention programmes and increase new sales with centralised marketing efforts. For more insights into how to grow your business with the right partner, speak to one of our consultants.

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