The mechanics of League’s digital transformation journey

The mechanics of League’s digital transformation journey

In case you haven’t heard, League is on a journey of transformation. A digital transformation, to be exact. We’ve been reshaping and remastering our skills set and offering to provide our customers with the knowledge and tools to become an improved version of ourselves in a digitally demanding marketplace.

Here’s a look at all the cogs that make up League’s digital transformation machine.

Same problems, better solutions

As we’ve mentioned before, we’re not so much transitioning into a digital transformation agency as we are modifying what we've been offering our customers over the last 20 years. We're restructuring our skills and capabilities and presenting them in a way that’s intentional and falls within the digital transformation context.

Along with our expertise in design, development and marketing, we're adding aligned business consulting to our mix to provide customers with a holistic digital transformation service and not just marketing and production. We’ve also refreshed our strategy and methodology and refocused our target customer.

Updated strategy 

As a digital transformation agency, our strategy has become more holistic and solutions-driven. We are focusing on providing complete digital solutions to solve business problems and no longer boxing ourselves in as just a marketing, sales and digital platform agency. This involves a shift in how we deal with our customers, how we workshop with them and how we build their strategies and plans.

We are changing the way we evaluate and benchmark businesses and how we build solutions and strategise for them. We're not just solving immediate marketing problems, we're embarking on this journey with the mindset that even if you approach us from a sales or customer service perspective, we will challenge you and find opportunities to improve your customer touchpoints.

We are actively taking steps to boost our ability to strategise for your business and use digital to address your pain points. Our solutions will be more future-focused and err on the side of being more transformative and less towards solving isolated problems.

Growing target

Along with our new strategy, we’re taking a broader view of the customers we’re targeting. We would like to partner with brands that have large customer bases because we know our digital solutions will deliver greater value to them due to the sheer number of people they deal with. It doesn't change the fact that we can still do great things with businesses that sell complicated products or services and have a smaller customer base.

Our new approach is aligned with the longer-term relationships we enjoy with most of our customers - where the value can be measured over time. We are broadening our scope from traditionally working with marketing and sales teams to include other areas of the business such as customer service, HR, operations and essentially, every department that’s involved in the process of delivering value to our clients’ end customer.

Evolving methodology

Our digital transformation approach is underpinned by what we have learnt from inbound marketing and how and why we use it. It is also strongly guided by our expertise in websites, our agile and waterfall model and growth-driven design.

We've combined all our experience and expertise into a new methodology for ourselves and are building on it to ensure that we can pass this on to our customers.

Get in touch with us to discuss how partnering with League will help you address your unique digital transformation needs.

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