Transform internal communications with digital solutions

Transform internal communications with digital solutions

Businesses across industries are racing towards a new, digitally transformed status quo – and they should be. Digital transformation opens the door to new revenue opportunities, improved customer satisfaction and the agility to pivot, scale and innovate with ease. However, most conversations about digital transformation are focused on what businesses can offer their consumers but neglect to include their employees in their definition of consumers.

Your employees are the first consumers of your brand and one of your business’s most valuable assets. By leveraging technology, you can improve the relationship your business has with its staff by optimising communications within the business, attracting top talent and uniting the entire team under a common purpose. Here are some of the most important ways in which digital solutions can revolutionise internal communications:

Empower your staff

Chances are that your staff members are already tech-savvy and digitally fluent. If your employees are more comfortable communicating with digital solutions, it empowers them when you make those solutions part of your internal communication strategy. Online and mobile technology can topple the communication barriers between senior- to management-level staff and the rest of the business. Unified communications and collaboration platforms also improve productivity and encourage employees to use their diverse work styles to meet business objectives.

By implementing new technologies, such as collaboration software, you play into the individual work style of each team member. This gives them a wider range of tools that they can use to communicate and meet their targets more efficiently. Digital solutions like project management software have the potential to highlight productivity bottlenecks and streamline internal operations to everyone’s benefit.

Keep communications human

Traditionally, internal communications are sent to the entire staff via email from senior management. This style of communications is impersonal and can often make employees feel like they’re being talked at instead of being engaged. Platforms such as Slack facilitate two-way conversations between all employees and democratise communications across the business. By halting the bulletin-board type of announcements, everything you communicate to your staff will have a human face so it will be more sincere and is likely to be received positively.

Humanised internal communications are also the best way to improve:

  • collaborative productivity
  • knowledge-sharing
  • interactions between teams

In this sense, the right digital solution works as the connective tissue between siloed departments and gives everyone a full view of projects instead of bits of work that pass between custodians.

Something as simple as a digital HR system can also make recruiting, onboarding and continuously engaging staff feel less formal. A digital HR system can be used to track performance and KPIs, celebrate anniversaries and birthdays, manage leave days, and measure employee satisfaction in a meaningful and people-centred way.

Recruit change agents

The best way to drive a digital transformation initiative is to identify internal ambassadors – or change agents – who will champion the business’s transformation at all levels.

The alternative is a more forced top-down approach that doesn’t have much success. By gradually introducing new digital solutions to your workgroup’s communication landscape, you can identify which team members adopt the changes faster than others and make them your change agents. Put another way, digitally transforming your internal communications provides excellent ground for future digital transformation initiatives – and it wins you allies along the way.

You can use digital technology to implement and drive employee ambassador programmes that produce results. Digital solutions allow you to measure, iterate and optimise your employee ambassador programme rapidly while defining (and refining) your unique company culture.

Communicate without limits

With the right solutions in place, you can deliver the latest news and updates to your team in a way that isn’t intrusive or disruptive. There’s a much higher chance that your staff will read short daily messages on Cisco Spark or Yammer than they are to read a lengthy email once a week.

Most businesses also have a distributed workforce with employees spread across several offices, working from home or telecommuting from different parts of the world. Digital solutions are the only way to keep them connected with each other and HQ wherever they are located. These solutions save your business time, boost productivity and keep your bottom line secure.

Partnering with the right digital transformation agency is the best way to ensure that employee experience (EX) is one of the core drivers of your organisation’s digital transformation strategy and not just an afterthought. We’re committed to helping businesses cross the digital threshold and unlock new avenues to growth. Download our Employee Experience brochure for more ways to keep your employees engaged through the power of digital.

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