Digital marketing 101: Step 4 – Campaign creation

Digital marketing 101: Step 4 – Campaign creation
Apr 22

Cuan Humphries

Digital Marketing

A “big idea” is a crucial component in developing a digital marketing campaign. It is considerably less likely that a campaign will penetrate through the noise and generate the desired attention from the target audience without a clear, impactful and differentiated concept. So you have to start with a big idea.

What’s the big idea?

Campaign creation is by far one of the most enjoyable aspects of marketing. But it isn’t easy, people online see a lot of ads, and I mean a lot. Saturation, coupled with short attention spans, means you have to have a good strategy and great creativity.

A new campaign needs a hook or theme that people will remember, share and act on. For a campaign to resonate with its audience, its big idea must underpin all of its elements. To ensure maximum impact and relevance, the big idea must be rooted in insight and relate to the campaign's objectives.

A big idea is one that stretches across all media so that it isn't just limited to one channel.

As an example, let's look at our own company’s content. League strives to build up the potential of businesses; we want them to flourish. So from video creation to social media posts and blogs, all messaging centres around this growth theme.

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Instead of a series of separate executions with a tenuous relationship to one another, the goal is to create an idea that is integrated with all other relevant channels. By taking this approach, you will be better positioned to engage consumers in meaningful ways in the places that matter.

Things you need to keep in mind

Successful big ideas are composed of three fundamental elements. Without these, few campaigns can pierce the barrage of competitive activity.

  1. Insight: To solve a real problem for the consumer, you need a piece of sharp, compelling insight. You achieve this through extensive research to be able to align the target audience with your overall product/service.
  2. Establish a brand connection: As a result of the insight uncovered in the previous stage, you can begin brainstorming ideas and solutions to your customers' challenges.
  3. A concise expression: Now you need to combine all the exceptional customer insights into one big creative concept, executed with strong design and compelling copy to move your audience. It all needs to work well together.

Let’s examine a brand example

Cadbury did a fun worldwide hide in 2021. It was a success because they had the three elements intact.

Insight: Pain point for customers all over the world not being able to connect with loved ones during Easter because of the pandemic.

Establish brand connection: Offering customers the opportunity to hide Easter eggs virtually for someone you love, but once it’s found, the egg could be delivered to them.

A concise expression: The mobile-first approach provided a consistent, engaging brand experience from any device.

Getting started

Coming up with a great concept can be a little daunting. Lucky for you, it’s our job to come up with the big idea. You just have to sign off on it. But to help us, you give us a list of all your company objectives, for example, brand awareness. And we’ll ensure that all our messaging revolves around meeting this goal.

Let us come up with your big idea.


We can’t do any of this if you haven’t covered a few things first. Here is a quick recap of the previous blogs:

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