How to digitally transform the customer journey

How to digitally transform the customer journey
Sep 19

Jackie Stierlin

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The digital transformation of your traditional business model might scare other businesses as it forces them to look beyond the status quo as they know it. Many businesses would prefer to avoid a problem rather than finding innovative opportunities to use it to their advantage. To cater to the digitally conscious customer requires that you constantly observe what’s changing on the outside and transform methodologies, models and systems on the inside.

It’s either this or risk falling victim to Digital Darwinism – a fate that threatens almost all companies. It’s where companies might disappear to because they’re unable to keep pace with the new digital era. Only enterprises that are the most adaptable and responsive to technological trends will survive.

Rethink your customer interactions

Prepare for the future expectations of your clients by digitally transforming your customer journey.

For B2B sales teams: Instead of cold calling think social selling. You probably already find your customers on social media in this way. So instead of waiting for them to contact you, reach out on social media and build a relationship to help educate them. The sales team must shift focus from selling solutions to selling insights that build trust. Sales will have to anticipate the future needs of customers and bring new insights that support where they’re headed.

For marketing teams: Reduce your offline marketing efforts because they won’t yield valuable engagement. Your customers want highly targeted messages. They aren't going to get that from a billboard. You need to make use of digital channels to implement search engine marketing, account-based marketing and email marketing strategies.

For the C-Suite: Creating and adopting a strategy of this magnitude requires strong senior support. You need to view customer experience as a strategic, C-level initiative. In future, expect to see a person filling the job description of “chief customer champion” whose sole purpose will be to create an unrelenting focus on the customer.

For data analysts: Capture as much information as you can, especially helpful information such as how customers perceive the company. Use this gathered intelligence to feed into aspects such as the design of products, optimising the selling process and how to support customers throughout a life cycle. Focus on leveraging big data to create a single source of truth. This will make customer intelligence accessible throughout the enterprise.

This customer journey will feed data back into the business to help you develop new products or service offerings. Today’s buyers want you to treat them as unique individuals and to know their personal preferences and purchasing history. Why? Because they crave a “frictionless” experience. To create this experience, you have to focus on the right metrics because what you capture will be built on to meet future customer needs.

Building a digital customer experience around your clients’ expectations will improve sales and revenue, work to retain existing clients and find new revenue from them. It will also help to build your brand – because you're focusing on customer behaviour, it will create a human face for your business.

We take care of your digital transformation

At League, it all starts with a method of in-depth scoping and adequate planning before we drive your digital change.

When drafting a strategy we take a holistic view of the digital mix and consider exactly how the different elements affect each other, and how best to leverage them to promote business growth. We focus on getting ROI for your business by increasing revenue, reducing costs and improving efficiency. Our processes are data-informed and constantly evolving.

Simply put, we deal with more than just marketing. Our digital strategies touch every part of your business, from product and delivery, through to your customer service and invoicing.

We want to set our clients on a path to drive transformation, to have clear deliverables and a return on their digital investment.

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