Unlocking efficiency with Umbraco’s uSkinned framework

Unlocking efficiency with Umbraco’s uSkinned framework
Jun 23

Riaan Pietersen

When developing websites on the .Net-based Umbraco CMS, uSkinned emerges as a powerful paid-for, low-code/no-code framework. Installed as a package within Umbraco, this framework offers many built-in features that optimise content management processes.

In cases where the uSkinned framework falls short in supporting a required feature, developers can still leverage the flexibility of Umbraco as an open-source CMS to custom-build and integrate additional functionalities. In this blog, we will delve into the significant benefits of uSkinned for developers and designers, address potential concerns, and discuss its successful implementation in a real client project.

Benefits for developers and designers

The uSkinned framework aims to enhance the efficiency of developers and designers, reducing turnaround time and streamlining workflows. Designers can enjoy the freedom to unleash their creativity within the confines of the Bootstrap CSS framework, leveraging its predefined columns and grids. This flexibility empowers designers to create visually appealing layouts while adhering to best practices. On the development side, uSkinned offers a point-and-click interface to generate markup, eliminating the need for manual HTML coding. This not only saves time but also reduces the chances of introducing errors. Furthermore, the framework includes a built-in CSS editor, simplifying the process of styling the markup.

One of the standout features of uSkinned is its ability to empower content editors to copy and paste existing content blocks throughout the website. This feature proves invaluable, saving significant time for developers and designers by eliminating the need to recreate similar content blocks manually. The time saved translates into financial benefits for clients, making uSkinned a cost-effective choice for website development projects.

Addressing developer concerns

Developers might wonder if there are any concerns or limitations when building with uSkinned. However, as long as the project aligns with the framework's capabilities, there are no major concerns. The uSkinned framework is bundled with a powerful, generic design system that provides ample flexibility. By embracing a configuration-first approach, developers can maximise the tool's potential. It is important to adapt the website design and development process to work in harmony with the framework, leveraging its strengths instead of working against it.

Learning the ins and outs of uSkinned and tailoring processes accordingly enables developers to achieve maximum efficiency. Moreover, if the project requirements extend beyond the framework's design system, uSkinned allows for seamlessly integrating custom-built functionalities. The complexity of project requirements directly affects the development speed, with simpler projects being built more rapidly.

Success story: Implementing uSkinned for EasyPay

Implementing uSkinned for the website of our client, EasyPay Everywhere, proved successful, delivering numerous benefits to designers and developers. Designers could save time by operating within a predefined set of design rules. The framework's design system facilitated the elimination of HTML development, streamlining the design process. The theoretical process devised by the team was effectively executed, with the configuration-centric approach enabling swift accommodation of minor requests without the need for extensive code modifications.

Suitability and prerequisites for uSkinned

While uSkinned offers significant advantages, evaluating its suitability for every website build is important. Prerequisites for applying uSkinned include:

  • Fast delivery and limited budget: uSkinned excels in quick project delivery with a tight budget, eliminating the need for extensive hand-coding.
  • Brochureware or information-heavy site: Ideal for content-rich websites, uSkinned's design system enables visually appealing and engaging brochureware sites.
  • Minimal custom development work: When custom development requirements are minimal, uSkinned's robust design system covers various design and functionality needs.
  • Established corporate identity: If a client has a well-defined corporate identity, uSkinned integrates seamlessly, allowing designers to adhere to branding guidelines while creating visually impressive designs.
  • Straightforward requirements: uSkinned is particularly suitable for projects with simple needs like contact forms, FAQs, or basic interactive maps, leveraging pre-built functionalities for efficient implementation.

The uSkinned framework for Umbraco CMS offers many benefits for developers, designers and clients alike. By leveraging its low-code/no-code capabilities, developers can significantly reduce turnaround time and enhance the efficiency of their workflows. Designers, on the other hand, enjoy creative freedom within the Bootstrap CSS framework, resulting in visually stunning layouts.

At League, our team of skilled developers excels in leveraging the power of Umbraco and uSkinned to build high-performing websites for our clients. Our in-depth knowledge of Umbraco CMS allows us to seamlessly integrate custom functionalities whenever needed, ensuring our clients' unique requirements are met.

Contact us to leverage our expertise in Umbraco and uSkinned and let us create a website that meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations.

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