Why consider adding motion to your web design?

Why consider adding motion to your web design?
May 23

Ian Greaves

You want your website to stand out from the competition, don’t you? Incorporating moving images into your web design is a great way to achieve that. Animation or “motion graphics” not only add a more sophisticated edge to the look of a site, but they also make a bigger impact and can be used to get a point across in seconds. Ultimately that means more conversions and a better return on your digital investment. Let’s explore how motion graphics can be used and what they can achieve.

A visual feast

Two-dimensional displays are functional but uninspiring, and sometimes it pays to jazz it up. We find ourselves living in a hyper-visual era, attention spans are shorter than ever, and the digital world has never been more competitive. Businesses across industries and verticals are moving with the times by adding motion to their web design. Done properly, it brings depth to a page and makes for a more interesting, engaging and memorable user experience that cuts through the more bland clutter on the web.

Landing pages that hold the viewers’ gaze with an animated logo or background image, for instance, are more likely to keep visitors engaged for long enough for them to take in your offer or brand message.

The effectiveness of using video on a digital platform has been proven. Adding video to a landing page can increase conversion rates by up to 86%, according to figures from HubSpot, and 80% of marketers say that using video has directly increased sales.

But there are numerous ways to add motion (with audio, potentially) to web design, including…

  • Micro-interactions such as “clickable” buttons
  • Hidden menus that drop down or pop out
  • Loading animations that hold a viewer’s attention as they wait
  • Hover animations such as blurbs with additional information
  • Main page/intro animations
  • Background animations

What motion graphics can achieve

In a nutshell, motion graphics add a “wow factor”, but what does that mean in terms of business value? Is it worth doing? Well, consider that with “wow factor” comes…

Enhanced user engagement

Motion is a great way to capture attention, and you can add interactive elements to increase the amount of time visitors spend on your website, reducing bounce rates and increasing conversions.

Improved storytelling

Motion can help you to tell a story like your brand history, a case study, or an explanation of a complex topic. Animated infographics, in particular, are a great way to break down information and present it in a more interesting and digestible format.

Enhanced visual appeal

It’s important to have an aesthetically pleasing web design and a bit of motion can really make it “pop”. Background videos can add depth and texture while animated banners capture the eye and add some energy to the page, but be careful not to overdo it.

Improved user experience

When used in appropriate measure, a bit of movement can make for a better overall user experience on your website. Clickable elements and hover animations can be used to guide users in the right direction or offer more information along the way, while loading animations can keep them engaged as they wait.

But be careful not to keep your users waiting for too long. Too many animations could make your page slow to load, outweighing the benefits and ruining the user experience.

Greater brand awareness

A website that stands out from your competitors would do wonders for brand awareness, and that’s something you can achieve by incorporating branded animations, videos, and graphics. Create a unique and memorable experience for users and they’re sure to remember your business.

The freedom of choice

We’re in the business of building websites that outperform the competition with outstanding web design, and motion graphics are just one way to make a powerful first impression. The CMS platform we use, Umbraco, gives us the freedom to bring our clients’ visions to life and make the most of motion graphics where appropriate. Learn more about what we can do to supercharge your site’s user experience.

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