With a great user interface comes great responsibility

With a great user interface comes great responsibility
Feb 20

Ian Greaves

Digital Platforms

Creating an exceptional user interface is the task of every UI designer. User interface concerns the field of human-computer interaction – the instances where a user interacts with a computer or a machine to complete tasks.

The elements of a good user interface should be intuitive (easy to operate), efficient (not create additional friction) and user-friendly (a seamlessly satisfying digital experience). These are important aspects to consider because it is the user interface that makes your digital products intuitive, responsive and easy to use for visitors. It's the job of the designer to produce this visual representation of the different elements of a digital interface.

There are a plethora of digital applications available for users. If visitors don’t receive the best interaction, they might abandon sites or apps when faced with the smallest inconvenience. A user-centric designer bears in mind the desires, needs, goals and constraints of the people who will use your digital products. This is the top priority in the entire design process.

I often urge clients to think about the following:

  • These help guide users through the page. When someone lands on your website, app or any other digital product, how easy is it for them to achieve their goal without additional input?
  • Are there indicators in place to let users know that they've completed an action?
  • Keep it simple! Keep content to an absolute minimum and get to the point.
  • Use common terms for navigation items, this will help users to navigate sections easier.
  • Use of colour, fonts and shapes to create interest and elicit positive emotions from users regarding the brand, services or products.

Focus on more than the user interface

Functionality and good visuals should merge to create a lasting brand impression. We also have to create a remarkable customer experience and meet the business objectives of a company. The digital product we create after these considerations are addressed will illustrate to potential customers that you’re trustworthy and will help them without hesitation.

Stephen Embleton, our client liaison person at Earth Touch, had this to say about working with League Digital: "We needed creative people who would become part of our team rather than an outsource. League understands how to collaborate, support and integrate all aspects of our business into the online space."

This is how we execute the elements of an exceptional user interface:

We guide users: Users embark on a seamless digital journey. It’s easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing to make it easier for them to perform the right actions and harder for them to leave.

The design process is continuous: We test and optimise the user experience throughout the design process against design best practice and match these with client-defined goals.

We’re not designing in the dark: Designers stick to a design system (if it’s created for a client) to ensure design consistency across the brand. Think of a design system as the building blocks of an interface. If built correctly, this can streamline the output of tasks. Examples of these building blocks are typography, grids, colours, icons, cards, buttons, coding conventions, voice and tone. These all form part of a pattern library and will assist our design team in creating layouts.

UX design combined with UX writing: Clear, accurate and concise text aids the design and interface. Designers and writers work together to ensure all elements are represented equally and that the overall digital product makes sense.

Engage your customers with your brand like never before. Our digital design team works behind the scenes on digital products that are in a league of their own. Download our brochure for a sneak peek into our world.

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