Business Recovery Plan

A digital change is the answer to drive business recovery

How to pivot or adjust your digital strategy to meet post-pandemic customer needs

There is no better time to evaluate how your business meets your customer’s needs. The way we purchase or prioritise purchasing has changed in less than a business quarter. This presents challenges and opportunities that your business can leverage to drive you from crisis mode to recovery and then into the growth you want your business to achieve. 

Adjust your strategy to recover and grow 

Take this opportunity to look at your customer needs. We will help you to define a tangible plan to pivot your digital marketing strategy, customer experience (CX) strategy and employee engagement strategy to make a significant and innovative business change. 

Formalise your communication strategy 

Nothing can replace a great customer experience, and customers who become loyal through a CX journey are willing to pay more for your service. Your communication strategy will elevate your business with your customers, suppliers and staff during this crisis and recovery period. The aim is to use the time to create loyalty and build a pipeline until you are able to sell and close business again. This moment will set you apart. 

Adjust how your brand engages with customers 

This opportunity allows you to evaluate how your customers communicate and buy, how staff and customers are engaging and how you can use this to your advantage in the future. It takes us 21 days to develop a habit, which means that the changes we’ve already seen in our behaviour and use of online and digital tools might become permanent. 

Turn your strategy into a tactical action plan that drives recovery and growth

We can adjust to the crisis period, manage it, recover, and get back to our business momentum. League Digital is ideally positioned to help you drive this. Whether we’re involved in the strategy and planning or driving of the programme, we can help you. 

Start your recovery with a digital change.

  • Get a recovery marketing plan in place. Your business needs one.
  • Consider changing your CX and the way you connect with and engage customers.
  • Assist employees working from home with an employee experience (EX) programme that boosts productivity and helps your business to evolve.


  • Benefits
  • How we work
  • Who needs a recovery plan? You will benefit from this programme if your business has been affected by this pandemic and it has changed the way you manage and engage staff, customers and business. 

    Who do we work with? Established businesses with a fair number of customers and staff and an established product or service that they want to grow.

    What do we do? League Digital partners with your brand to help you simplify a strategy that really becomes an action plan for marketing, sales, customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX).

    We use technology to support you! Our extensive technical capabilities allow us to back up our services with robust platforms to run your digital engagements. We build all our programmes to help you grow your business. 

    How is this plan different? Our recovery plan focuses on three stages to get you back on track. These are Crisis, Recover and Growth once you’re back to sustainable business. We build all our solutions for longevity to ensure that whatever we put in place will serve your business for years to come.

  • 1. Benchmark your digital marketing landscape We conduct thorough research and assess your current digital ecosystem to gain an insight into which approach will have the maximum impact on your digital marketing strategy.

    2. Create a digital marketing roadmap for your business Based on your marketing goals, we will build an insight-led digital marketing roadmap complete with a detailed blueprint for implementation.

    3. Draft your digital marketing strategy and planning With the insights gained from your roadmap, we plan and build out your digital marketing strategy and all its components.

    4. Customise and implement your digital marketing technology We determine and implement the digital tools and software you require to deliver your digital marketing strategy and customise them to support your unique campaign elements.

    5. Implement, analyse and optimise your digital marketing elements We develop and implement all the marketing elements that support your customised strategy and continuously measure and optimise them with the progress of your campaigns.

    6. Provide you with the visibility you need through reporting Our team delivers visibility of all the components of your digital marketing and its progress towards your overall marketing strategy goals through our intuitive reporting and dashboards.

To help you re-ignite your business, you can take advantage of 50% off the first three months of our 12-month marketing, employee experience (EX) and customer experience (CX) programmes. Download our guide here

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