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League Digital has helped Avis Fleet to obtain the maximum mileage for its customers’ fleets through the use of strategic inbound marketing.

League updated Avis Fleet's corporate website and boosted its online presence. As a result of strategic SEO optimisation, marketing automation, paid media campaigns, social media marketing and the creation of premium content and blogs, it’s now the leading voice in its industry. With great power comes great responsibility. So we put this power to good use and designed the website to be a sales engine and lead-generating tool. We wanted to not only be the leading voice in the industry but to also be seen as thought leaders.

The team at League Digital is not afraid to push the boundaries in terms of how Avis Fleet’s potential customers receive information from the company. Complex information delivered through the right medium can make it easier to consume, which sparked the idea to create a dynamic video. It was so well-received that we are in the process of making a series of videos.

But being League Digital (ever-eager to go beyond what’s expected), the team also sought to improve the user experience for Avis Fleet’s customers. We built new back-office user interfaces for the Fleet Interactive and Dealer Authorisation platforms. The objective was to help customers gain maximum business mileage from their fleet through solutions that are shaped by their business’s vision and goals. These portals help clients and dealers manage fleets with streamlined interfaces that are user-friendly, information-rich and efficient.

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