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League Digital built Internet Solutions (IS) a cutting-edge corporate website that leverages the latest in current digital design trends, but with a strong focus on content and people.

With a focus on the community of IS at the back of our minds, the League team began the work of achieving a great balance of content and design by using segmented content and beautiful imagery. The content focuses on a particular audience based on IS products i.e. connectivity, security, communications.

We subsequently redesigned a lighter site that uses warmer imagery and more inviting tones instead of the typical cold and clinical ones often used on IT websites. Each piece of segmented content has its own partial view dedicated to it. Our approach creates a simple and uncluttered web interface. The end result is superb navigation to help visitors land exactly where they want, which boosts the lead generation process.

A social strategy was drafted to target the same audience, but its main focus was brand awareness. This didn’t stop our amazing marketing team from generating impressive lead prospects. The social design moved away from a generic look and feel that other brands share to a mix of designed illustrations and superb photography.

This foundation contributed to successful marketing and inbound marketing campaigns that produced off-the-chart results, exceeding estimated client goals. We then built a process to manage the influx of leads with the help of the IS marketing team. The end result was a dashboard interface for sales to automate reminders and feedback into the business about the status of the leads.

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