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Engine Notes is a marketplace for the world’s most sought-after vintage vehicles.

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Engine Notes didn’t have a website before we started working with them, so we were building it from the ground up. We established a site map, created wireframes and perfected the designs that would complete Engine Notes’ new digital home.

The project involved two components: the main website and an auction portal where real-time bidding would take place. The main website, which functioned as Engine Notes’ primary marketing platform, was completely ours to manage. However, we collaborated with a third-party online auction platform provider for the portal.

We chose Umbraco Cloud as the hosting platform for the development of the website. It allowed us to meet several requirements for the Engine Notes website. We wanted to give the client as much control as possible when updating content on the website without interfering with the website’s design.

With Umbraco as a backbone, the client was able to create banners on the homepage and sub-pages, including auction banners that pulled live auction information from the third-party platform. We were also able to add the following customisations to the website:

  • A setting board on which the client could choose what auction data was read from the portal.
  • A custom workflow for submitting a vehicle for auction.
  • A membership page with a dynamic events component to allow the client to list upcoming events.
  • A fully customisable blog and news component that allowed for a variety of rich media, including social media widgets, video and embedded podcasts.
  • A broad search feature that scoured content and returned results from the main website and auction portal.
  • Integrated reviews from Trustpilot.
  • A careers page on which applicants could apply for jobs directly by filling out a form.

All of these requirements had to adhere to the sleek and modern visual identity that was now a hallmark of the Engine Notes brand. We ensured that the website was SEO optimised, accessible to all types of users, compliant with the latest cookie and privacy legislation, and mobile ready.

The Engine Notes project was a massive undertaking, built in multiple phases with several moving parts – but the outcome is a beauty to behold. When it was complete, we buffed and polished it and sent it out into the digital landscape with that unmistakable new car smell.

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With Umbraco as the backbone of the Engine Notes website, we've pulled live auction information from a third-party platform and added various customisations to the website.

The Engine Notes website is mobile-ready, SEO optimised, accessible to all types of users and compliant with the latest cookie and privacy legislation.

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