10 Reasons to choose Umbraco for website development

10 Reasons to choose Umbraco for website development
Nov 23

Bradley Kronson

Umbraco Website Design and Development

Do you think your content management system (CMS) is sturdy enough? Your online presence relies on it, so it really should be. But there are so many to choose from. Finding the right one which offers the best balance of capabilities with a host of unique benefits can seem like a daunting task.

There’s one CMS that can deliver on your business objectives while delivering an immersive user experience, showcasing your brand with cutting-edge functionality and unparalleled flexibility: Umbraco CMS. Here’s a list of ten reasons why choosing Umbraco would be a wise move.

1. It supports the latest designs and user experience (UX) trends

A key benefit of Umbraco is the ability to leverage the very latest design and UX trends and create truly modern websites. It allows front-end developers the freedom to implement a wide range of designs and user journeys, unlike CMS platforms with more rigid templates. That versatility means your website can be tailored precisely to your requirements and preferences.

2. It offers an intuitive and responsive editing experience

Content management is a whole lot easier with Umbraco, thanks to its intuitive and responsive user interface, designed with end-users in mind. Whether on desktop, tablet or mobile device, it offers a seamless experience with a powerful preview feature that allows you to visualise and edit content before publishing.

3. It offers variable access

With Umbraco, you have the ability to control access on both a per-person and per-page basis, thanks to its range of editing permissions. This facilitates collaboration for editing content, giving teams the ability to work together in real time.

4. It includes SEO and marketing tools

Umbraco offers a suite of SEO optimisation tools to simplify the process of optimising title tags, meta descriptions, sitemaps, canonical tags and so forth. It also makes it easier to incorporate tracking scripts for data-driven marketing and to manage social media elements.

5. It offers multi-site and multi-lingual capabilities

If you need a multi-site solution or want to cater to different languages, Umbraco has you covered. You can manage multiple websites, including those in different languages, from a single system with a side-by-side editing function to streamline tasks like content translation without the need to switch between tabs.

6. It’s fully customisable

It pays to be unique in the online world, and Umbraco can help with that. Its exceptional customisability, owing to its open-source nature and flexible architecture, allows developers to tailor every aspect of a website to meet unique design and functionality requirements. From custom templates and page layouts to bespoke modules and extensions, Umbraco facilitates truly personalised and engaging online presence.

7. It supports a host of third-party integrations

This is a strength that makes Umbraco development ideal for businesses looking to extend their website's functionality. Its open architecture allows seamless integration with a wide array of external tools, services and APIs. That means it’s easier to incorporate the latest technologies and services – including payment gateways, CRM systems or marketing automation solutions – enhancing its capabilities and providing users with a more comprehensive and feature-rich experience.

8. It’s secure and reliable

Umbraco is one of the most secure CMS platforms around. Routine penetration testing and third-party audits help maintain the platform's security, and updates are promptly applied in the case of any vulnerabilities. Built-in health checks also alert developers to potential configuration issues, allowing for proactive security maintenance.

9. It offers more advantages with Umbraco Cloud

With its cloud hosting option, Umbraco Cloud, you can benefit from automatic updates, effortless scaling and enhanced security. It simplifies collaboration among developers, designers and content editors with easy deployment and version control, and it provides a reliable and redundant infrastructure to reduce downtime risks.

10. It has an active community behind it

Umbraco's active and passionate community of developers, designers and users constantly contributes to its growth and improvement. You can benefit from a wealth of community-created plugins, extensions and resources that extend the CMS's functionality and solve common challenges. The community also provides valuable support through forums, events and documentation, ensuring businesses have access to a network of expertise.

Those are ten solid reasons to choose Umbraco as your CMS, but there are more. We chose to become Umbraco specialists because we believe it offers our clients the most robust CMS solution. Now you can benefit from our expertise as well as the points covered above. Come and learn more about our web design and development capabilities.

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