Experience next-level web development with Umbraco 12

Experience next-level web development with Umbraco 12
Aug 23

Bradley Kronson

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Effective management of your online presence is crucial for businesses, and a Content Management System (CMS) plays a vital role in achieving this. Among the leading CMS platforms, Umbraco has firmly established itself as a standout option, renowned for its exceptional flexibility and user-friendly interface. The recent release of Umbraco 12 has generated immense excitement within the CMS community as developers and businesses eagerly explore its latest features and advancements.

Let's delve into some of the remarkable new features and improvements that Umbraco 12 brings to the table:

Unleashing headless capabilities

The concept of a "headless CMS" has become a hot topic in the digital realm, and with Umbraco 12, it has become a reality. Decoupling the front-end presentation layer from the back-end content repository allows seamless content publishing to any platform with any programming language. With the streamlined Content Delivery API (Application Programming Interface), content retrieval, updates and management become effortless, eliminating the need for extensive custom coding. This centralisation ensures content consistency across platforms, freeing up teams to focus on creating exceptional content.

Umbraco 12's headless CMS approach grants businesses unparalleled flexibility, omnichannel publishing, future-proofing and improved performance, empowering them to choose any technology or platform to present content while relying on Umbraco 12 for seamless management and delivery.

Regular release cadence

Umbraco has embraced a consistent release schedule since its 9th version, and this approach continues with Umbraco 12. Major versions are now launched biannually, while minor releases, encompassing bug fixes, security patches, and minor enhancements, occur every six weeks.

The adoption of a regular release cadence yields multiple advantages. Firstly, it ensures stability by promptly addressing bugs and resolving security vulnerabilities. Consequently, businesses relying on Umbraco can count on their websites' smooth operation, guaranteeing a reliable user experience. Secondly, it provides predictability, enabling businesses to plan and prepare for upcoming features well in advance. Thirdly, it grants businesses swift access to new features, ensuring they benefit from the latest innovations in Umbraco without having to wait for major version releases. Lastly, regular updates often enhance user interface and user experience, streamlining workflows for administrators and content editors.

Enhanced marketplace

Umbraco launched a new marketplace in 2022 that shows off a variety of extensions and connectors. This continually evolving marketplace aims to simplify the process of extending the power and value of Umbraco. Whether you seek to add new features, improve website performance, or streamline workflows, the marketplace offers a treasure trove of solutions. This commitment to providing a flexible, customisable, and user-friendly CMS is a testament to Umbraco's dedication.

Empowering block grid editor

The Block Grid Editor, initially introduced in Umbraco 11, has been a game-changer, revolutionising content structure and layout creation. Umbraco 12 takes this concept further, enhancing the content management process even more. The Block Grid Editor provides an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface that empowers users to effortlessly structure content and create visually appealing layouts. This intuitive tool eliminates users' need for technical expertise, allowing even non-technical individuals to create and manage content seamlessly.

With the Block Grid Editor, users can experiment with various layouts by arranging blocks in different configurations, ensuring consistent design throughout the website, and saving valuable time and effort by streamlining the content creation process.

Streamlined content management with Umbraco workflow

Umbraco 12 introduces the Umbraco Workflow, an invaluable add-on that significantly enhances the content management process. It serves as a workflow, review, and approval tool, introducing a new level of organisation and control to content creation and publishing.

With Umbraco Workflow, content goes through defined steps before publication, including drafting, reviewing, editing, and final approval. This streamlined approach to content management improves quality control, facilitates collaboration, and ensures accountability.

Seamless integration with .NET 7

Umbraco 12 demonstrates its unwavering commitment to cutting-edge technology by offering full support for .NET 7. As the latest version of Microsoft's acclaimed platform for web application development, .NET 7 equips developers with advanced features and enhancements. By embracing .NET 7, Umbraco 12 empowers developers to create innovative solutions while bolstering the security of web applications. This seamless integration safeguards businesses against potential threats and vulnerabilities, preserving the integrity of their digital assets. With Umbraco 12 and .NET 7, developers and businesses can confidently navigate the ever-evolving landscape of web development, leveraging heightened security and state-of-the-art functionalities.

Enhanced documentation

Comprehensive and user-friendly documentation is the backbone of any software, and Umbraco 12 excels in this aspect. The platform's documentation has undergone significant upgrades and improvements, providing developers and administrators with a more structured and intuitive resource. This enhancement ensures that users can fully harness the features and capabilities of Umbraco, maximising their potential.

As experts in Umbraco web development, we have the in-house skills to harness the full potential of Umbraco 12 for your brand. Our team specialises in crafting stunning websites that align perfectly with your goals. With a growth-driven approach and planned iterations, we ensure your website evolves alongside your brand's expansion.

Contact us and let's unleash the power of Umbraco 12 to transform your online presence into a formidable force for success.

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