Deliver actionable sales-qualified leads every time

Deliver actionable sales-qualified leads every time
Sep 20

Christopher Brown

Sales Enablement

Nowhere does the rule of quality over quantity matter more than in lead generation. MarketingSherpa reports that 61% of marketers send all their leads to sales departments when only 27% of them are ready to buy. This discord between marketing and sales is costly and plagues many businesses – but it doesn’t have to happen.

Sales-qualified leads increase the chances of a closed deal and they’re well within reach. The first step to attaining them is for marketing and sales teams to share a common definition of what a sales-qualified lead is because it’s never the same for every campaign. Once this is finalised, you’re ready to proceed with the sales enablement blueprint for a steady flow of consistently hot leads. So let’s begin.

The persona is always right

Buyer personas form part of the heavy upfront work that goes into any successful digital marketing campaign. They represent your perfect customers and are vital to ensure that your marketing efforts aren’t wasted. Without detailed and accurate buyer personas, you can’t target your prospects effectively and the rest of your marketing strategy becomes nothing more than expensive guesswork.

Our strategy team conducts extensive research for our clients before any other work – and insight-based buyer personas are one of the outcomes. We can build a 360-degree view of your ideal customers and identify critical intelligence including their challenges, how digitally engaged they are and what products or brands they love. With these authentic representations of real-world prospects, we can start crafting impactful content that they can connect with.

Keeping score

Remember that definition of a sales-qualified lead that your marketing and sales teams agreed on? This is where it becomes essential. A study that Eloqua conducted among 10 B2B companies using lead-scoring systems showed that sales went up by 30%, company revenue by 15% and revenue per sale by 17%. Once you have your definition of a sales-qualified lead, it’s essential to score every lead against it before moving it on to the sales department.

League Digital leverages cutting-edge marketing software, industry best practices and our years of marketing experiences when tracking leads. We combine accurate data provided by prospects with the implicit behaviour revealed by their online behaviour to grade them as marketing-qualified leads or sales-qualified leads. The latter are transferred to sales and the former are retained for lead nurturing, which brings us to the next part of our sales enablement blueprint.

Law of nurture

If only 27% of your leads are sales ready, you’re still left with many who aren’t – but that doesn’t mean they’re lost. Your marketing-qualified leads can still prove valuable and deliver ROI if you’re thinking in the long term. That’s why every lead generation strategy is incomplete without lead nurturing. You want all the prospects who are simply curious or weighing up their options to be informed enough to choose your brand – and lead nurturing is a reliable way to accomplish this.

League Digital employs a range of tactics including email, customer experience optimisation and content marketing to nurture leads and guide them along the marketing funnel. From the first touchpoint that a prospect has with your brand, we track them, score them and serve them relevant content that addresses their pain points and positions your brand as the perfect solution to their problems. We build trust and intimacy strategically over time, using data along the way to build intelligence that will give the sales team enough ammunition to seal the deal.

Don’t hesitate, automate

Marketing automation is the glue that holds your sales enablement strategy together. It’s a mainstream tool that every modern business should have in its arsenal. Marketing automation is a timesaver that allows you to streamline, automate and measure all your digital marketing operations. Marketo reports that 76% of businesses that implement marketing automation experience positive ROI within a year.

We understand the value in tracking leads from acquisition to sale and proving ROI. That’s why we use cutting-edge marketing automation technology to deliver seamless customer experiences. Our team can build an automated customer journey that takes care of everything from lead generation, CRM, sales attribution – and everything in between. You can measure, optimise and iterate it, saving you time and making you money.

Your marketing and sales teams can work in synergy if you work with League Digital. Download our Sales Enablement brochure and jumpstart your leads engine.

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