A lack of appropriate services ꞊ no digital transformation

A lack of appropriate services ꞊ no digital transformation
Oct 20

Justin Glanville

Who led your digital transformation?

  1. CEO
  2. CIO
  3. COVID-19

This is a popular meme that’s flooded inboxes in recent days. There’s a Russian saying: “In every joke, there’s a little joke.” This means that when we joke, we mostly speak the truth. According to Gartner: “[the] response to the pandemic has fast-forwarded digital adoption by five years”. And with this rapid digitisation, businesses have noticed an important occurrence – a massive shift in required services.

Reset your selling

Companies are guilty of following the flawed mindset of telling their customers to buy their products because they are magnificent. Well, guess what? Your competitors are saying the same thing. The world is going online and has been for some time. Customers now spend their time doing comparative shopping online – and if you don’t own real estate there, you won’t be a part of that comparison.

The old way of selling is not going to get you there. You have to make use of digital services. Businesses have known this for a while now. A common side effect of the pandemic is that businesses are now forced to place their products online because no one could shop in-store. This has also taught previous advocates of in-store shopping the ease of shopping online. So what does this all mean? Plenty of online shopping.

Gareth Paterson, a lead retailer at Nielsen, said to Independent Online: “We can therefore expect a permanent uplift in online shopping numbers even after the pandemic has ended since many behaviours adopted during the Covid-19 period are likely to translate into more permanent long-term habits.”

The pandemic has led to a degree of introspection among business leaders namely, should their customer service be more agile? The global health crisis has shown the world something it should have already known – that the traditional means of purchasing is not enough. Businesses now need to shift to a more adaptable, agile solution that’s entirely digitally enabled.

We can help you get there

League thoroughly evaluates the business and generates holistic and digitally-driven solutions. If you approach us from a sales or customer service perspective, we will challenge you and find opportunities to improve your customer touchpoints.

But we’re offering more than just digital marketing. We can help you in other areas of the business including customer service, HR, operations – in fact, every department that’s involved in the process of delivering value to our clients’ end customer.

This is digital transformation. It’s about looking at more than one area and seeing the bigger picture. It’s about learning more about your business and what can be digitised to satisfy digital customers, who are growing in numbers.

Jackie Stierlin, League Digital`s head of digital strategy, says: “To cater to the digitally conscious customer requires that you constantly observe what’s changing on the outside and transform methodologies, models and systems on the inside ... Today’s buyers want you to treat them as unique individuals and to know their personal preferences and purchasing history. Why? Because they crave a ‘frictionless’ experience. To create this experience, you have to focus on the right metrics because what you capture will be built on to meet future customer needs.”

It’s all about keeping up with what your customers want, not what you think they want. And capturing data is a great place to start.

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