A new League of digital transformation

A new League of digital transformation
Sep 19

Justin Glanville

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Let’s be honest, the term, “digital transformation”, has been flogged to death over the past few years. But the problem isn't necessarily with the wording, it’s with the interpretation and application of the term. Many people still think that digital transformation is about moving from a manual to a digitised accounting system, using a digital HR platform or simply implementing an ERP solution. And in some sense, this is digital transformation. But we believe it’s much more than this.

Despite what every article you might have read on the death of digital transformation (and trust me, there are many), we think it’s time to transform digital transformation. Here’s a look at League’s journey towards becoming a digital transformation agency:

A new approach

In our fast-changing digital world, it’s do or die if digital agencies want to remain relevant. Along with witnessing the downfall of industry juggernauts due to a lack of transformation, our customers are feeling the pinch from the technology demands of their own clients. They have started expecting more from us, and we have had to step up to the plate. We’ve been preaching the idea of digital transformation for a while now. And for the purpose of positioning ourselves to be relevant to our customers now and in the future, we need to drink our own Kool-Aid, so to speak.

We are not so much transitioning into a digital transformation agency as we are modifying what we've been doing and building on our experience from the last 20 years. We still offer the same services, but are packaging them in a way that’s intentional and falls within the digital transformation context.

Enter digital transformation agency.

Same same, but different

Digital marketing is becoming obsolete. Marketing today is digital and not just a division of it. As an agency, we had to differentiate to remain relevant. Our offering extends beyond what traditional agencies are offering.

League has become a kind of hybrid – we’ve grown up from design, development and marketing and digital transformation is the next step. What has been added to our mix is understanding and asking customers about their value propositions and goals, not just following through on instructions and delivering campaigns.

What we're doing now is adding serious business consulting to our mix to ensure that we are extracting the right elements to develop and implement holistic digital solutions that add value through to multiple touchpoints. We want to understand your challenges and opportunities and then provide mechanisms, platforms and frameworks to become a better business.

New competition and market pressures

Along with the transition comes new opportunities and challenges. We expect competition to come from areas we were previously not aware of. We are crossing over into spaces that agencies don't usually play in and other businesses are also getting in on the action.

We now find ourselves somewhere in between traditional agencies, development houses and consulting firms. We’re witnessing a growing trend of dev houses trying to fulfil more of a consulting role, while we’re also seeing more consulting firms expanding their development and user experience (UX) offerings to meet client demands. And we’re pushing into their space as much as they are stepping into ours.

The change agent for next-gen businesses

Along with new competition in the digital transformation space, we also face increasing client expectations. They expect agencies to add value beyond marketing as the previous disruptive technique doesn’t work anymore.

Not every business can completely disrupt their industry like Uber or Netflix have done. But we believe there are many ways in which you can improve your overall customer experience (CX), touchpoints, efficiencies and your ability to generate revenue and save costs.

For League to become the change agent for next-generation businesses, we need to understand our customers’ brands as deeply as possible and embed ourselves in their business. This is something we’ve already been doing with many of our successful clients over the last 20 years.

To continue to deliver on changing demands, we are amplifying our consulting efforts and making our services even more customer-centric. We believe that successful digital transformation can only take place when we work on brands as if they are a part of our own business.

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