Prepare your digital strategy for a post-pandemic world

Prepare your digital strategy for a post-pandemic world
Jun 20

Jackie Stierlin

Two things are certain. One, the world won’t be the same after the coronavirus crisis. And two, every business’s ability to adapt to radical change will be tested.

However, the trick is not to panic or you might miss new opportunities and a chance to secure a thorough recovery plan to help you regain any lost momentum.

As digital experts, we’ve made it our priority to keep a close ear to the ground and monitor how the pandemic is affecting the digital world. Buyers are evolving, markets are reacting and we have to know how to advise your business to adjust its sails. We can help you optimise your marketing, customer experience (CX) and sales enablement by combining valuable insights with cutting-edge technology. You will have the agility and confidence to drive your business into the future if you’re armed with a data-driven digital strategy.

By the time you finish reading this blog, we believe that a third thing will become certain – your business’s success in a post-pandemic world.

The new abnormal

The first step to adapting to change is to understand the transformation that has happened. Society has had to make a rapid transition to staying at home and finding online alternatives for working, transacting and managing life. Here are some helpful insights we’ve uncovered to help you make sense of it all:

  • More eyes on screens. Daily internet use has increased by 55% with as much as four hours a day on average spent on social media.
  • Buying power is stronger. Online purchases are up by 20% since January. People are spending on health items, computers and fitness equipment.
  • Tele-everything. From telecommuting and telemedicine to online training and distance learning, industries across the board are leveraging video-conferencing tools.
  • Pre-booking and pre-purchasing post-haste. Consumers are arranging visits to services and product collections well in advance to ensure social distancing.
  • On-demand experiences on the double. On-demand viewing has experienced a spike of 105%.

When opportunity knocks

The ability to see opportunities where others see obstacles will become more valuable as we transition between paradigms. We can make educated predictions about the market gaps and revenue expansion opportunities that we can expect in a post-pandemic society. Our plan is to put your business at the centre of these opportunities, giving you a competitive advantage and a head-start to recovery.

Digital transformation will become an urgent issue in the business-to-business (B2B) market as organisations apply the lessons about the value of digitisation brought on by the pandemic. B2B brands will benefit from introducing e-commerce as a new standard for their clients to buy products and services.

Customer experiences in B2B will need to match business-to-consumer standards, which means that personalisation, mobile readiness and social media performance will have to mature rapidly. Sales cycles will become shorter but they will have to be more digitally-driven and convenient.

In the business-to-consumer (B2C) market, consumers will back brands that make a positive contribution to society, making social good and purpose even stronger brand differentiators. Brands that lead with a human touch and can meaningfully connect and engage with consumers will outperform their more corporate-minded competitors. Consumers will be more comfortable sharing their data for a worthy cause which will open up unique opportunities for businesses to use data profitably (and ethically).

From recovery to renaissance

League Digital can devise a customised, thorough and phased digital strategy to see your business through this transition. We can help you whether you’re in crisis mode or looking to make digitisation a driver for your business going forward. We can establish short-, mid- and long-term tactics for your digital marketing, digital platforms, employee experience (EX) and sales enablement that will cut costs and unlock revenue.

Our speciality is to help brands build resilience by harnessing their digital potential. By the time your competitors emerge from the chaos of the pandemic, you’ll be leading the vanguard and be well on your way to unprecedented growth.

Our digital experts are eagerly waiting to take you through your recovery game plan. Get in touch with them today.

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