Employee Experience and digital solutions, a recipe for success

Employee Experience and digital solutions, a recipe for success
Nov 19

Cuan Humphries

Employee Experience

There’s much hype around the latest buzzword: Employee Experience. But what does it actually mean for your business?

Understanding exactly what it is and improving it is critical for companies that are operating in today’s highly competitive global economy. It helps companies to attract and retain skilled employees. And of course, digital technology plays a crucial role in this. Employee Experience and digital solutions are an unbeatable combination for your success. Let’s take a closer look:

The key ingredient

The most important element in successful Employee Experience (EX) is trust. Employees have different needs at different stages of their journeys and their employers must focus on each point of this journey. Employees always need to know they have an open and trusting relationship with their employers. Trust is widely accepted as the foundation that makes employees more positive about their relationship with the organisations they work for.

See the big picture

For good EX, employers must build a meaningful relationship with their employees by engaging holistically with them. This means attending to the needs of employees from the time they are recruited through onboarding and development. Employers must establish a healthy work-life balance that will include instances of marriage, illness and family deaths. The best EX will make brand ambassadors of employees even when they leave and become alumni.

Right mix of environmental factors

Organisations that want to offer positive EX must get the mix of these three environmental factors right – cultural, technological and physical.

  • Culture is how an employee feels about the work they’re expected to do in the context of the company structure.
  • Technology is the kind of tools that employees need to complete their work.
  • Physical includes the range of emotions in the office environment, all of which affect how employees can perform their jobs.

Add to traditional HR functions

For many years, it has been the norm to focus on customer experience to drive the success of businesses. But organisations are waking up to the fact that EX is more important for reaching long-term goals because it drives a positive customer experience. HR must take the customer-experience approach to EX, segmenting according to professional characteristics or identifying needs according to the employee’s stage of their journey.

Serve with relish

Unlike Employee Engagement, which has been monitored by companies for some time, EX looks at the reasons why employees aren’t engaged and then addresses these. Make EX your focus if you want your employees to be engaged and empowered. Our Employee Experience and digital solutions are the perfect recipe for success.

League Digital has an effective digital strategy to streamline your HR end to end by using our best-practice principles. You can achieve cost savings by avoiding staff churn with an engagement strategy that’s designed to optimise time and eliminate excess expenditure.

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