Make your HR employee-focused to improve Employee Experience

Make your HR employee-focused to improve Employee Experience
Feb 20

Cuan Humphries

Employee Experience

Customer Experience

Employee Experience is critical for companies in today’s highly competitive environment – it’s key for organisations that want to attract and retain skilled employees. Digital transformation and employee experience are interlinked and provide HR departments with new ways to deliver value to organisations and employees. Why make HR employee-focused? A focus on Employee Experience leads to better efficiency and performance. It’s crucial to organisations that want to make the most of digital opportunities. So what does making HR employee-focused mean?

All the feels

Many organisations have been focused on the consumer experience for some time. You have to use a similar mindset to improve Employee Experience. According to, most customers are driven by their experience – and the same goes for employees.

Organisations should focus on how employees feel about the overall experience by looking at psychological, motivational and social principles – this yields better results for employers than traditional methods like employee engagement surveys. The right kind of Employee Experience mindset gives HR insights into employees and is also crucial to advising managers on how to get the most from their employees. For example, it can direct the uptake of technology to aid self-service and performance management.

Going digital

In a world of modern conveniences powered by smart technology, the work lives of many employees aren’t as seamless and easy as their lives outside work because they aren’t dIgitised. Digital transformation isn’t just about acquiring technology, rather it’s about using the right technology effectively. Effective digitisation is characterised by a certain type of technology awareness, with devices and services that are connected, data that is transparent, products and services that are personalised, fast and interactive.

The broader view

Employee Experience consists of many important moments (including such events as first days, marriages, condolence leave, promotions) and the daily interactions with your organisation. For effective employee-focused HR, it’s important to keep the big picture in mind, including every part of the employee journey. This means having an overall plan and a supportive culture that takes every employee’s needs into account.

Since many employee-related functions already reside with HR – including recruitment, onboarding, getting feedback, training for advancement and ultimately exiting the company – becoming employee-focused means taking this to the next level. Using tools available through digital transformation, HR has access to data that will give it insights into the employee experience and show progress at every stage. By continually measuring this data, HR can offer value to employees and management.

How we can help

League has an effective digital strategy to streamline your HR end to end by using our best-practice principles that centre around six key elements. These are explored further in our brochure below. You can achieve cost savings by avoiding staff churn with an engagement strategy that’s designed to optimise time and eliminate excess expenditure.

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