How an internal communication strategy should function

How an internal communication strategy should function
Apr 20

Cuan Humphries

Employee Experience

Measurement and strategy are essential aspects of internal communicators and yet, all too often, they don't receive the proper attention. This is where an internal communication strategy comes into play.

To deliver exceptional internal communication products, you need a strategy in place to drive the process. An astonishing 93% of communication professionals admit that creativity is imperative in internal comms, but only a low 6% think it is used to its full potential, according to a study by Alive With Ideas.

How it affects your employee experience

How you communicate with your employees has a direct impact on employee experience (EX) and on your employees’ willingness to go the extra mile. When you have poor internal communications in place, it translates to low employee motivation, performance and engagement. So how do you build an internal communication strategy that empowers your employees?

Let's start with what you're probably trying right now. It’s common for business leaders to lose the human touch in how they communicate – no matter how well-crafted the message. This happens because often it's precisely their many years in business that desensitises them to how they talk to their teams.

The solution: Allow yourselves the opportunity to have more fun with how content is presented and discover more creative ways to engage with your employees. But before you withdraw out of a fear of the unknown, realise that you’re not on your own with this one.

League Digital to the rescue

Before anything is laid out, our consulting team conducts thorough research into your employee experience (EX) to determine what approach will have the greatest desired impact. We then move to fleshing out your goals to build an insight-led EX roadmap complete with a detailed blueprint for implementation.

The right digital tools and software are then identified to deliver your internal comms. The technology is customised to support your unique employee engagement components. But the work doesn’t stop there. We make use of intuitive reporting tools to provide insights into the overall progress of the build-out strategy so we can fine-tune our efforts to lead up to the desired result.

Backed by impressive work

Our team has implemented internal comms strategies for several clients. We’ve focused on improving the employee experience and ensuring that all employees feel connected to the core of the business and are kept informed on activities and important milestones, regardless of location.

To accomplish this, we use tools such as HubSpot and Mailchimp. These tools allow us to create an internal database of staff from which we can send the internal comms. For further convenience, we can send them to the full employee database or to segmented lists. The types of digital comms we’ve built include holidays (representing all religious beliefs, genders etc.), sales campaigns and targets, internal launches, awards and recognition, staff fun days and charity drives.

We have run a successful EX campaign using the Smarp platform. We utilised staff knowledge and their passion for the company's products and services to share marketing content on their personal social networks. Staff members were encouraged to share company updates along with unique social copy that they had created.

With an incentivised approach to reward those who shared the most and saw the most positive engagement, staff members were excited to get involved and extend the organic reach of the organisation through their individual networks. We experienced success with this as people are often trusted more than brands. The strategy generated a high number of sales-qualified leads for our client.

The possibilities are boundless. The only thing holding us back is what you’ll allow us to try. We are a group of highly creative individuals who produce digital products that are human and relatable.

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