Explore the world of digital platforms

Explore the world of digital platforms
Sep 19

Riaan Pietersen

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A digital platform is a technology-enabled business model. Since it facilitates exchanges between two or more interdependent groups, it serves as a powerful catalyst for ecosystems of resources and participants.

Digital platforms come in many forms such as a website, a registration service, a contact database, payment processors and social platforms, among others. These tools will vary depending on your business, but the bottom line is that they will create a better user experience.

Connect your customer

These platforms bring together vast communities of customers, partners and developers and create markets of enormous scale. This unification allows for enhanced collaboration or the innovation of new products and services.

Platforms experience success when they redefine your customers’ value propositions – reshaping the demand side of the market. Many companies achieve this by either providing more information on their products or services through the use of social content or providing an easier experience for customers i.e. an e-commerce website.

Use social to generate leads

People aren’t just on social media to generate engagement. If it’s used correctly it can be a powerful digital tool. The biggest advantage of social media is its ability to generate highly qualified leads through advanced targeting. On Facebook, one can target customers based on age, location, education level, industry and even user behaviour (pages the users liked in the past).

If your business is already using this digital platform and has yet to yield results, it could be because you aren’t sharing content that's compatible with the interests of your followers.

Many businesses fall into the trap of thinking that the company’s social account should be all about them and push product or service posts. But this doesn’t work. Bear in mind the 80:20 rule, 80% of the time you need to be sharing top-of-funnel content. This type of content doesn't mention your business or its product or services at all. This action allows you to build trust and develop loyal customers.

The right mix of online platforms

The right mix for your business is one that needs to be developed – through workshops, analysing your business and its industry to determine exactly what you need. Each tool is a separate part of the process but is also interrelated. Without a website, you won't have a destination to send your social media users to, meaning that you miss out on the opportunity of them filling out a form and becoming sales-qualified leads.

Great, now get started

Companies will need to partner with a formidable digital agency expert to manage a multitude of digital platforms and ensure that they’re working together effectively to yield favourable results.

A premier agency will also be able to keep up with trends on your behalf because, according to The Power of Platforms, an e-book published by Deloitte, dynamic and demanding environments favour those who can learn the fastest.

The e-book specifically mentions that: “Business leaders who understand this will likely increasingly seek out platforms that not only make work lighter for their participants, but also grow their knowledge, accelerate performance improvement and hone their capabilities in the process.” This is what you should be looking for and this is what we provide.

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