Is your corporate website living its best life?

Is your corporate website living its best life?
Mar 20

Thomas Henry

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Customer Experience

Since the internet established itself in the modern world, it has become clear that your website is key to your success. But even if most companies have a website, it doesn’t always function as it should. A website is more than a listing for your company, it can attract customers to your business and be the engine that drives sales. So it might be time to ask yourself if your website is just coasting along or if it’s doing a good job.

Back to basics

There are certain elements that are essential when assessing your corporate website. Ultimately, there is probably some good in all websites, but an effective website must include:

  • Design that is professional, appealing and appropriate.
  • Content that is informative and interesting.
  • Navigation that is easy to use.
  • Call to Action to guide users to take the next step.
  • Mobile-friendly for smartphones and other tablets.
  • Search Engine Optimisation rank in search engine results for the success of your company.

The best websites give customers what they want. This includes all the elements above that go into making a pleasant purchasing experience including attractive design, interesting information, a smooth experience and support.

Take it up a notch

Tech-savvy consumers engage with your company and its offerings in increasingly complex ways. Nowadays some customers might be happy to complete their purchases online. Or potential customers could begin by researching a product online even if they plan to buy in-store where they can see and handle it in person. One thing remains constant, customers want a good standard of service on every platform.

“Make a powerful first impression before your customers even walk through the door.” Cara Daly, Head of Platforms, League Digital.

Update your capabilities

Customers might respond to online sales interactions or chatbots in different stages of their journey, or self-help channels might be best for your offering. It’s important to constantly assess whether your website is taking full advantage of the tools available so you know that it’s performing optimally for your business. Corporate websites must be engaging for users to make them want to have a relationship with your brand.

Our digital platforms solutions

From brand positioning to sales and support, digital platforms can streamline operations across the business. A website is more than just a brand-awareness channel, it can also be a platform for sales, onboarding, support, switching between products or consumption of the product itself. Advances in e-commerce, chatbots, AI and analytics have diversified the use of websites, giving them the power to optimise costs while delivering unmatched customer service.

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