Why a digital assistant should be part of your customer experience

Why a digital assistant should be part of your customer experience
Jul 20

Jackie Stierlin

Customer Experience

The personal touch is a crucial element of successful customer experience. Consumers want to feel engaged and cared for by your salespeople when making their buying decisions. But how do you translate this in a digital environment? While technology has increased the ease and speed of buying, consumers still want to connect with your brand on a human level. Enter the digital assistant. They act as the human-connection bridge between your digital channels and your customers.

How it works

Digital assistants engage your customers with purpose-driven questions and provide supporting information to guide them through a purchase. They work to educate leads or customers who are unsure of their options by analysing their needs and identifying the products or services that are most suitable for their requests. And this works like a charm. According to Zoovu’s Humanising Digital 2020 Report, 88% of surveyed consumers said that stores should integrate digital assistants that help them to make decisions. This guided approach is useful because it works to eliminate anxiety and reassures consumers about their choice.

Speed up sales

Your digital assistant provides the same level of service to your online customers as a shop assistant would provide in-person answers to any product-related questions. Leads that can identify the solution to their problems on your website by themselves are more likely to buy from you. This level of self-service eliminates the effort required to search for what they want. The digital assistant uses conversation to take them straight to what they need directly from your home page.

High availability

Your digital assistant doesn’t mind putting in the hard hours. Because it’s powered by technology, it’s available to lend a helping hand to your customers around the clock. This also means that you’re not bound by time zones – this gives you the ability to assist potential customers anywhere in the world.

Competitive advantage

Implementing self-service options give you a one-up on your competitors in a consumer market that’s driven by personalisation and instant gratification. The Humanising Digital Report found that consumers are more frequently using FAQs and product filters to help them make their buying decisions.

Dialogue and interactive support services have proven to be even more powerful. Live chat and digital assistants are ranked as the most helpful tools by consumers with 72% of those surveyed reportedly switching to competitors that simplify finding the right product or service.

The (digital) human touch

Digital assistants make leads feel supported and cared for before they even become a customer. Real-time assistance addresses their need for convenience, instant gratification and personalisation, which is a massive feat for your customer experience efforts.

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