Here’s your ultimate guide to Insta-success

Here’s your ultimate guide to Insta-success
Oct 19

Cameron Engel

Employee Experience

Customer Experience

Instagram has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years. TechCrunch states that as of June 2018, more than 1 billion active Instagrammers use this social platform monthly.

So if you’re wondering whether your business should invest the time and money in this popular social app, the overwhelming number of active users should give you a clear indication.

Leverage Instagram for your business

According to Facebook business, 83% of Instagrammers say that they discover new products and services on the gram daily. Instagram is bridging the gap between buyers and sellers after it introduced Instagram shopping and the latest Instagram checkout. Here, a user doesn’t have to leave the platform to buy from their favourite brands.

Instagram can play a major role in every step of your customer buyer journey – from making users fall in love with your brand’s aesthetic to becoming loyal customers and ambassadors.

Statistics show that 50% of Instagram users follow at least one business. This means that brands can increase their reach and attract loyal customers in the process.

Brand content

As mentioned previously, Instagram plays a key role in the buyer journey. Consumers use the platform to view the latest trends, research brands and their products and then decide if they want to invest or scroll past. This provides the marketer with a valuable opportunity to influence the customer to take action.

The numbers speak for themselves: 83% of Instagrammers find new products, 81% research products and services and 80% decide if they want to make a purchase. Product information is vital with a whopping 87% of Instagrammers taking steps after viewing product information on Instagram by following a brand, visiting their website or buying online.

Brand aesthetic

Instagram is a visual platform. This provides marketers with an ideal opportunity to showcase their brands and learn how to do things differently.

Creating a visual mood board for your brand on Instagram can be daunting. But it’s the first step in the journey to make your brand stand out and allow users to engage with your brand's content.

  1. Content
  • Even though Instagram is a visual platform, there’s still a need for potential shoppers, fans and visitors to understand what your brand means and what your products say and do. This will help them to decide if they should continue shopping or to drop out.
  1. Presets and filters
  • Instagram is your business’s own personal magazine that a potential customer can flip through. With this in mind, you must ensure that your brand is visually appealing to the right audience. You can create a personal preset in Photoshop/Lightroom for your Instagram photos to keep your page’s look and feel consistent and beautiful. See the example below:

  1. Instagram stories
  • Instagram stories are a great way to engage with your customers and to up your game when it comes to employee experience. They can provide your customers with the latest insights, trends and developments in your business from sales to new products. You can simultaneously post about employee achievements to help celebrate your staff’s successes.
  • Instagram stories help you to reach new customers as you can add locations and hashtags to create customer engagement in specific regions with topics that are important to your business.
  1. Drive engagement
  • Creating relevant content that your audience can interact with is a vital part of a successful Instagram strategy. This will make it easier for your followers to engage with your profile and help you to create “fans” and potential customers.
  • Instagram has proved to be an effective marketing tool for businesses and helps them to gain a better reach and higher visibility. I hope these tips and tricks will help you on your Insta journey.

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