How a mobile business app can boost your performance

How a mobile business app can boost your performance
Aug 22

Riaan Pietersen

Mobile App Development

There's no denying that mobile apps have significantly impacted businesses. But what many people don't realise is that apps can also have a substantial effect on how businesses operate internally. Mobile business apps can make a big difference in how smoothly an organisation runs by improving communication, streamlining processes and ensuring industry-specific requirements are met.

A number of business areas can and have been addressed with mobile business software, including marketing, resource planning, eCommerce, customer relationship management, accounting, payroll, inside sales, data storage and management, and many more.

But is there any value in custom mobile business apps?

You might be thinking, “I already have an ERP system that has automated and simplified a lot of my systems.” And to that, I’d say: “Great, an ERP is a good first step toward digital enablement. But an ERP alone does not have the depth and breadth to digitally amplify every aspect of your business.”

ERPs cost thousands per user per annum, and while they offer a range of features and functionality (each usually at an additional cost), they’re also limited in their ability to truly address your unique operational needs.

The true benefits of a mobile business app

Think of a custom-built mobile business app as an ERP and intranet hybrid on steroids. It connects all of the systems and operations unique to your business in a centralised digital hub to give you a real-time, 360-degree view of where you’re at so you can prepare for where you’re going. Here are some solid points on why you need a custom-built application:

To keep up

It’s 2022 and everyone is mobile. Paper documentation, telephone comms and analogue work schedules simply don’t cut it anymore. You could still do it, but in all honesty, it won’t get you far.

Traditional business processes need to change to facilitate growth and the demands of Industry 5.0. Quicker turnaround times of tasks, information retrieval, inventory management and communication can save your company time and money while avoiding the need for additional staff.

Processes that have been in place for a long time can be tough to change, but staying ahead of the competition is necessary. To do that requires smart, intuitive technology.

To address a specific problem

While issues with internal processes are not unique business problems, the variety and severity of those issues can be a whole different story. You may be battling with underperforming employees, disorganised processes, or time and stock wastage.

Off-the-shelf ERP systems might address a few of these problems, but bringing together disparate systems requires a centralised system that keeps track of every process at every stage. A mobile business app can track and analyse sales, operations and staff productivity data, giving you a helicopter view of your entire business to proactively address potential roadblocks.

To increase efficiency

Inefficiency costs money. A custom-built solution can address a range of efficiency problems your business faces by combining various standalone services into a single application. Managing shifts, replacements, assigning tasks, and reporting time can all be done manually – as long as it’s not all at once and when we’re talking a relatively small number of employees.

When you’re operating a large or complicated operation like a factory, tracking all your employees’ movements, tasks, absences etc., becomes a lot more time-consuming and expensive. Mobile business apps help centralise and simplify the process and also give managers a view of everything going on in the production cycle with access to real-time stock, shipment, delivery, driver and vehicle data.

To ensure compliance

Strict safety and quality compliance regulations are nothing new. In fact, many industries have to comply with them. But what is new is using a mobile app to increase data accuracy necessary for quality and compliance checks. Having all the information at hand and being able to troubleshoot any issues makes any inspection process much simpler and smoother.

To improve communication

Business success depends on effective internal communication. Mobile business apps greatly simplify and enhance the sharing of files among team members and enhance internal communication.

Teams in different departments can work together on projects from any location. Mobile applications enable collaboration, efficiency, analytics and communication, all of which help optimise your business's operations. This is especially effective in a multi-faceted production environment where you might have staff in-office, on-site and on the road.

To facilitate growth

It’s natural for businesses to expand, create new departments, hire more people and increase output. And, of course, you'll want to control and manage them properly.

Several off-the-shelf solutions, such as ERPs, are available, but choosing a tailored business app helps you avoid committing to a long-term license fee. More importantly, you can create a solution that's truly yours. Rather than trying to fit your needs into an existing solution, you can address them with one tailored to you.

Let’s build your mobile business app!

We love to solve problems at League, and our team of expert app developers are keen to dissect every aspect of your unique challenges to build a tailored solution that brings all the above-mentioned benefits to fruition.

Are you ready to build your mobile business app with us? Take a look at our development solution so we can get started.

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