How to know it’s time to upgrade your CMS

How to know it’s time to upgrade your CMS
May 22

Riaan Pietersen

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A modern business needs a modern website, which means having a content management system (CMS) that ticks all the right boxes is imperative. Your website is your digital storefront and the foundation of your digital marketing strategy. It showcases what your brand is all about, so if yours is holding you back, it’s holding back your business.

A survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute in 2019 found that many businesses were struggling to get the right content management system in place. Of the content management professionals surveyed, 42% said their organisation doesn’t have suitable technology to manage content across the business. A further 42% said that their organisation has the right technology in place but isn’t using it to its potential. That means only 16% are getting it right.

It's time for an upgrade if…

1. It’s wasteful

The wrong CMS, or an outdated one, will cost you time and money. Content creators and developers will waste hours on expensive headaches while the overall user experience suffers and customers leave with a bad impression of your brand.

You shouldn’t be spending more on maintaining your CMS than on marketing. A simple text or image update shouldn’t be complicated and time-consuming or require technical support. If staff are spending excess hours simply trying to get your CMS to do what it should be doing, you need a new one.

2. It has technology gaps

Having multiple web properties spread over numerous technology platforms is far from ideal. It’s far better to have them consolidated on a single platform, as unnecessary complexity only causes problems. Your CMS should be able to support multiple digital assets with all the tools you need.

3. It’s a security risk

If your CMS is out of date, you’ll be more likely to fall victim to a cyberattack (if you haven’t already). The consequences can be truly disastrous so leaving your site vulnerable is unwise. No matter the platform, an outdated CMS is an open invitation for security issues.

Even popularity doesn’t guarantee safety since the most popular CMS out there, WordPress, is also the most hacked and has notorious security vulnerabilities.

4. It’s restricting your brand’s growth

It’s important to keep your brand fresh and offer a world-class user experience, so if your CMS is making that difficult to do, it may be time for an upgrade. It will soon be apparent that your business is behind the times when you’re unable to match the quality and functionality of your competitors’ digital assets.

What your CMS should deliver

Ideally, you want a CMS that opens the door to endless possibilities for web design and development, but it must avoid all the pitfalls mentioned above. It must also support your marketing efforts, help to cast your brand in a good light and enable a seamless and polished UI. It must offer robust performance and security, and it must be future proof, which means scalability and versatility.

Our CMS of choice does all that and a lot more.

Why we choose Umbraco CMS

Umbraco is open source, and that’s where much of its strength lies, giving it the support of a large developer community and an API that be easily expanded, which means it can be connected to a vast array of other platforms. It delivers the speed and easy scalability you need, all the functionality you could want, and exceptional security (since it’s built on Microsoft’s .NET framework).

There are many, many reasons to be on team Umbraco. If you’re sceptical, take a look at how well Umbraco performed in the 2022 Grid Report for Web Content Management, where it ranked as a High Performer in the Mid-Market category and a Leader in the Enterprises category. The ranking is based on peer-to-peer reviews and Umbraco is a clear favourite for many, and they’ll tell you why in their own words.

We’d love to help your business get more from its digital assets to unlock the value and gain the strengths of a next-generation digital platform.

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