How to make the most of your marketing intelligence

How to make the most of your marketing intelligence
Nov 21

Jackie Stierlin

Digital Marketing

One of the best advantages of digital is that everything is measurable. Every process relies on and produces data. It’s also what makes marketing intelligence so powerful. Marketing intelligence refers to all the insights we gather to inform marketing decisions. It encompasses intel about your products and services, customers and prospects, competitors and the market you operate – and it’s all data-driven.

But having marketing intelligence isn’t enough; you have to know how to use it effectively. Your competitive advantage will be determined by the strategic tweaks you make to your marketing based on the wealth of data available to you. We have some ideas about where you could start.

Know your audience

Casting a wide net is an expensive and inefficient way of trying to reach customers. The best approach is to find the prospects whose needs are a perfect match for your product’s key benefits, and then gather as much information about those prospects as possible. Homing in on your target audience increases your chances of impactful engagement with leads and closed sales. With enough data about your ideal customers, you can craft persona profiles that are accurate and communicate with pitch-perfect messaging. The longer you track your audience, the stronger your analytics will become which opens up the possibility of hyper-targeting and hyper-personalisation.

Evaluate your product

Your product is never complete even if you prototyped and beta-tested assiduously before launch. Once your product is publicly available, it will continue to change and improve – it has to. If you’re paying enough attention to the marketing intelligence you have on your customers, you’ll notice that their needs and pain points change over time. This should drive you to turn your gaze inward and assess how your product, service or solution can be enhanced. More than this, product intelligence can give you critical insights about the most cost-effective way to produce or manufacture your product, how to price it competitively, and whether or not the user experience can be optimised.

Suss out the competition

It’s essential to always stay on top of what your competitors are doing. If you can answer the question “why are my customers leaving me for my competition?”, you’re a step closer to finding ways to win them back. Conducting a SWOT analysis on your primary and secondary competitors will highlight the differences that matter most to consumers. A comprehensive competitor analysis can also surface valuable trends about your competitors’ behaviour that can help you predict their next move, outsmart them and stay five leaps ahead.

We turn marketing intelligence into ROI

The core of our digital marketing methodology is a customer experience (CX) engine that churns out marketing intelligence at every touchpoint of the customer life cycle. We’ve spent years finding, understanding and mastering the best ways to contextualise customer data and turn it into an actionable digital marketing strategy.

All our work with brands starts with obsessive data gathering that drives every step thereafter. You’re already sitting on a wealth of information about your customers, product offering and competition. Let League Digital show you how to turn insight into profit.

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