Increase website sales with these 7 digital marketing tactics

Increase website sales with these 7 digital marketing tactics
Feb 24

Christopher Brown

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The digital landscape in 2024 promises to be an even more competitive arena as businesses strive for dominance amid growing consumer and regulatory pressures. Simply having a website is no longer adequate for staying ahead of the curve. To truly flourish, you must employ powerful strategies and tools that empower your brand and deliver genuine value to your customers. Here, we look at the top seven digital marketing tactics that we believe will position you for long-term success.

Strategies to increase website traffic and sales

  1. Drawing in targeted website traffic through impactful paid advertising campaigns is a powerful way to expose your brand to your ideal audience. Platforms like Google Ads operate on a pay-per-click model, ensuring you only pay when potential customers actively search for relevant information. Experience rapid surges in web traffic and effectively reach your desired audience with utmost precision.
  2. A compelling content marketing strategy to reach your audience effectively. Businesses that prioritise content marketing experience a conversion rate that is 6 times higher than their competitors. Tailor your content mix, including blog posts, infographics, videos, podcasts, and whitepapers, to meet the wants and needs of your target audience.
  3. Social media remains a colossal force in digital marketing due to its unmatched capacity to engage and connect with your audience. According to GlobalWebIndex, 54% of social media users rely on it for product research, making it a valuable platform for driving website sales. Extend the reach of your blog content by sharing it across X, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.
  4. Every element of your website should be optimised for search engines to secure higher rankings on result pages. With the average clickrate for the first position in Google at 28.5%, you can’t afford to drop below your competitors for not having a solid SEO strategy. Implementing keyword research, on-page optimisation and link building will naturally boost organic traffic. Boost your website's ranking by leveraging powerful tools like SEMrush to gain valuable insights for making practical adjustments.
  5. Leverage the popularity of video content by creating captivating explainer videos and demos. According to Cisco, online videos currently constitute over 82% of total consumer internet traffic, marking a remarkable 15-fold increase since 2017. Additionally, showcasing your business leaders and staff through videos provides customers with a glimpse into the individuals they entrust their money to. This strategy exemplifies the ability to establish authority and authenticity, elements that transcend any marketing budget.
  6. Gated content is a great way to engage potential customers and generate leads. Whitepapers and e-books provide in-depth insights on specific topics, serving as valuable resources that answer customer questions while collecting contact details for future communication. To make the most of gated content, it's important to tailor it precisely to customer needs, ensuring high quality and relevance. Analysing customer engagement with AI technology helps optimise the customer experience.
  7. Creating tools for potential customers is an effective way to draw them in and keep them engaged. Calculators can help customers quickly answer questions about prices and services. Quizzes and assessments can give customers an idea of which products or services may best suit them. Additionally, interactive content such as 360-degree tours of products, can also be used to engage customers further.

Measurement and continuous improvement

For effective progress, it's crucial to evaluate what's working and what's not. Consistently measuring and improving your campaigns provides valuable insights into areas that need adjustment and where you may be falling short. According to the McKinsey Global Institute, organisations that skillfully utilise data are 23 times more likely to attract and retain customers, giving them a competitive advantage. Moreover, data-driven companies have a 19 times higher probability of achieving profitability, as data empowers informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Digital marketing is the cornerstone for companies aiming to outperform their competitors. League is your dedicated partner in navigating the digital landscape, and we’re committed to delivering tailored digital marketing services that align perfectly with your goals. With our digital marketing services and web development solutions, you won't just keep up with the game – you'll lead the way.

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