Content Marketing

Knowledge is buying power

Information is the most powerful tool for persuasion. The more your clients know, the more empowered they feel about making their buying decisions, and the better the quality of your leads.

Digital content marketing is a strategy that consistently serves up valuable and relevant content to prospects which addresses their concerns, pain points and needs. Content marketing in digital marketing helps brands to build trust with their audiences and maintain a relationship with customers. We implement SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) backed content marketing strategies that are contextual, informative and structured to guide leads along the sales funnel and to maximise conversions.

Why we trust digital and content marketing?

Digital content marketing strategy delivers on average three times the digital conversions then paid media, providing a more significant ROI. Leads are generally further down the buying stage as they have all the relevant product or service information they needed to make a purchasing decision.

Content marketing gets three times more leads than paid search advertising. 
(Content Marketing Institute) 

Our approach to creating content is to deliver high-quality digital copy against your marketing plan, for your specific targeted audience, with the goal of lead generation. Focus your content marketing effort on the following trending formats: Blogs, microblogs, long-format content, copywriting, podcasts, webinars, video scripts, visual assets and well-crafted Google AdWords and social media posts. 

Solutions with this capability

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