“E-commerce is a strategic lever that helps you to speed up your sales cycle and enhance your customer experience.”

E-commerce is now an expected channel for consumers and businesses, and if it’s correctly implemented, it can increase revenue, cut costs and improve efficiency. Developing your online store relies on many factors to ensure that your e-commerce portal doesn’t just sell, but sells well.

It’s all good and well to add a checkout page to your website, but if it’s not accompanied by comprehensive product information and a fulfilling customer experience, it might do your brand’s reputation more harm than good.

E-commerce presents your business with many opportunities to engage with leads and improve the way in which you sell. It speeds up your sales cycle and helps to improve your product offering and overall customer experience.

  • Benefits
  • How we work
  • Organic growth Optimise your e-commerce product pages for search engine visibility and drive leads to your website without it costing you a cent.

    Sell quicker Provide more product information to remain top of mind and convert your leads faster.

    Word of mouth Turn satisfied customers into brand ambassadors by allowing reviews and ratings of your products or services on your e-commerce site.

    Analyse and optimise Collect much more information about your clients that your sales and marketing teams can use to measure effectiveness and optimise their strategies.

    Create opportunities to upsell Gather customer details to provide added value after they have checked out and increase upsell opportunities.

  • 1. Benchmark your e-commerce Our team researches and compares your existing or planned e-commerce strategy against the industry standard and best practices and determines what you want to achieve.

    2. Create an e-commerce roadmap for your business Based on your business objectives, we will build an insight-led e-commerce roadmap complete with a detailed blueprint for implementation.

    3. Devise an e-commerce strategy and plan Our e-commerce solutions are purpose-built and we plan and develop a strategy with input from your sales team to align with your overall growth strategy and ensure a return on investment.

    4. Customise and implement your e-commerce technology We map, design and build your intuitive e-commerce platform and technology in-house and employ best practices for user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) to optimise your buying experience.

    5. Implement, analyse and optimise your e-commerce offering Once your e-commerce site is live, we gather and analyse user data to provide powerful insights that can be used to improve your UX and site performance.

    6. Provide the visibility you need through reporting Our intuitive reporting and dashboards provide you with visibility of all aspects of your e-commerce solution and how it feeds into your sales and marketing strategies.

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