Combine e-commerce with brick and mortar shopping

Combine e-commerce with brick and mortar shopping
Jun 22

Christopher Brown

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The pandemic changed the way people shopped. Online shopping has become the preferred method of shopping. With more people choosing to buy their products from their mobile devices or laptops in the safety of their homes, the retail industry was transformed in a relatively short period.

Considering the convenience of e-commerce, it’s no surprise that shoppers took to it so quickly. This change in shopping habits took many retailers by surprise and saw them missing out on sales. Retailers now seem to have redoubled e-commerce efforts to join the digital revolution. From here on, smart retailers will offer a combination of in-person and online shopping.

Advantages of in-person shopping

If you think the best way forward is to put your efforts behind e-commerce, you might want to reconsider focusing exclusively on it. Don’t write off in-person shopping just yet. The state of consumer behaviour 2021 report found that 46% of respondents still prefer shopping at physical stores rather than online, with the majority of these shoppers saying that they liked to view, touch and interact with physical products. Interestingly, 26% said that they enjoyed the overall shopping experience that they had at a physical location. So it’s apparent that customers still like to engage with products physically and to be able to take them home with them immediately.

Adding digitally-enhanced technologies

Post-pandemic, e-commerce growth looks set to level out with in-person shopping enjoying a resurgence. But consumers will likely no longer be satisfied with one or the other, having enjoyed the advantages of both. How can in-person shopping bring on some of the benefits of e-commerce? Some brick-and-mortar retail outlets are adding more digitally-enabled technologies such as click and collect, contactless payment, cashier-less checkout and digital signage.

The omnichannel experience can offer live inventory availability, product reviews, and product information. These make the in-store shopping experience more convenient and enjoyable. At the same time, encouraging people back to physical stores can drive sales and inspire brand loyalty. Digitally enhanced in-store experiences can delight customers while they still enjoy the benefits of in-store shopping, including the physical retail experience and interacting with products.

The best of both

E-commerce is a trend that can no longer be ignored. For brands that have not yet started to build their e-commerce platforms, it may be time to consider the advantages of online shopping and build on those gains. But retailers who choose to focus their efforts on only one style of shopping will miss out. Combining e-commerce and brick-and-mortar shopping experiences will give your customers the best of both worlds.

Consumer needs are changing, and always-on, engaging and informative e-commerce has become an undeniable necessity for any brand trying to compete in today’s business landscape. Our e-commerce strategies will help you enjoy organic growth, create opportunities to upsell and gain brand ambassadors. Find out more about our e-commerce solution here.

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