Koola Digital is here to deliver high-end solutions to small businesses

Koola Digital is here to deliver high-end solutions to small businesses
Mar 22

Jackie Stierlin

Digital Marketing

We have been hard at work devising a high-level business plan for a new offering from League Digital and the Grow Good Group.

Grow Good

"We want to help global small businesses grow by offering high-end digital marketing agency solutions at small business budgets." Says Justin Glanville, the CEO of League Digital.


Now more than ever, small businesses need affordable and reliable digital marketing services to grow and sustain their revenues.

They have to fully embrace digital marketing and platforms to survive. These services and platforms have matured and been standardised in such a way that it's easier for smaller companies to simply adopt them.

There has been a significant paradigm shift in the way that businesses operate. Resources are becoming increasingly more mobile, making it easier for a team anywhere in the world to service a global company. We alone have people working from Cape Town, Australia and the Netherlands.

What does this mean for small businesses?

We can now rapidly deliver exceptional digital marketing solutions and platforms with beautiful customer experiences using site-builder and martech platforms. We can deliver real results at a fraction of the cost so that the business owner can focus on growing their business and not scrambling around trying to be digitally seen.

So simply put:

Our goal is to provide world-class marketing (usually only offered by top-tier agencies) to small businesses at realistic budgets.

Without further ado, we’d love to introduce you to Koola Digital. This is a new digital offering, launching in Australia and South Africa.

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