Map your digital path

Map your digital path
Dec 19

Jackie Stierlin

Digital Insights

We’re living in an era of digital transformation. By 2022, projections are that there will be more than 12 billion devices connected to the internet and this technology will represent trillions of dollars in business worldwide.

“Our world has been thoroughly transformed by digital technology. It would be hard to explain to someone looking at an IBM mainframe back in the 1960s that someday, similar machines would replace books and newspapers, give us recommendations on where to eat and directions for how to get there, and even talk to us, but today those things have become matters of everyday habit.”

The quote above is from an article in the Harvard Business Review arguing that the digital technology revolution has reached such an advanced state that it’s becoming commonplace. In essence, we are already living in the future of digital technology that has been predicted for some time. So if you aren’t using this technology to its full potential, it might be time for you to take a look at where you are on your digital path.

Where are you on your digital path?

Digital technology has changed the face of business in a number of ways including innovation, productivity, efficiencies, and better Customer and Employee Experience. But there’s an important distinction to be made: although digital technology is widely known, it’s still not universally incorporated into organisations or used to its full potential by all.

And when it comes to digital transformation, there’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution for businesses. There’s a difference in how digital solutions can be used in different companies and industries. When assessing your digital path, you need to decide what’s the best way forward for your organisation. Let’s go into what that means:

Use the full potential of digital

In business, digital transformation is not just about technology, it’s also about organisational and business model changes and how you run your organisation with improved efficiency. So digital transformation in practice is a combination of technology and people transformation. If you want to enjoy the benefits of being a digital leader, you must use digital information and technologies to enhance business performance.

Be a digital leader

Being a digital leader is about smarter performance and this means a bigger picture than the traditional indicators of success. Higher profits and lower costs are certainly a goal but they are part of a game plan that includes other elements. For example, using data about Customer and Employee Experience to improve these relationships, encouraging an information culture in your organisation and improving collaboration across departments. Ultimately, digital leaders use analytics for better decision-making, more innovation and to future-proof business models.

How we can help you

League Digital is the strategic partner every business needs to leverage digital for growth. We are driven by the desire to deliver impactful digital experiences that push brand performance and deliver results. Our integrated digital solutions are comprehensive and can be tailored for any industry.

Creating a digital gameplan for clients is one of the key areas that we focus on in our digital transformation strategy and implementation process. We will plan and build out a compelling value proposition and a forward-looking business model that supports your digital transformation strategy.

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