How to tap into your digital innovation

How to tap into your digital innovation
Nov 19

Justin Glanville

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Digital innovation involves putting digital technology in place to enhance services, traditional business models and processes. But most importantly, you need to understand what drives your customers. Once you understand the customer journey, you can create user experiences that are a pleasure for customers to use, enhance your brand and serve your business’s strategic objectives.

The use of digital innovation is particularly invaluable for well-established companies that don’t have the time nor the resources to refresh existing processes.

The market is in a constant state of flux. This means that without the right tools in place, you’ll be planning around a moving target to keep up. You need a way to quickly innovate new ideas and turn them into winning applications. That’s where digital innovation platforms come in and here’s how you can pull it all off:

People: Identify highly focused employees in the business who are passionate about driving business value. These individuals can then be tasked with pinpointing the digital solutions that complement the business. These teams are often referred to as Digital Laboratories.

Process: Put processes in place that will drive innovation without disrupting existing operations or development efforts – this is why it’s essential to have a separate team. Processes help you to show progress and collect feedback so tasks can be actioned quickly.

Platform: Identifying the right platforms to use is only half the job, the Digital Laboratory must also identify a solutions provider (one who is able to manage the entire life cycle of the digital project in collaboration with this team).

Portfolio: Create a showcase of quick wins to show the rest of the company. This will help you realise immediate success and help to build the case for organisational change. For example, we designed and build an infographic newsletter for Internet Solutions depicting marketing success which is sent internally. The newsletter shows the rest of the business what its marketing team is achieving.

What does this look like for marketers?

The marketing department can use multiple touchpoints to engage with customers before taking action. With the help of an ingenious digital strategy, marketers can transform these touchpoints into very effective acquisition channels. We developed an app for DStv that helps their customers to manage their decoders and has functions such as the ability to clear errors. This app has helped to reduce call-centre volumes for DStv.

League Digital can deliver these kinds of services and innovations to help improve your customer service and keep your business top of mind. We produce groundbreaking digital innovations for businesses just like yours. To find out exactly what we can do for you, download our digital transformation brochure.

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