What your company can gain from digital transformation

What your company can gain from digital transformation
Nov 19

Justin Glanville

Digital Strategy

Employee Experience

Although 78% of South African companies understand the need for rapid digital innovation to maintain a competitive edge, 70% of them are considered laggards in terms of digitalisation i.e. they are behind the digital curve and might never catch up.

This means that while many companies appreciate the benefits of digital transformation, they are reluctant to start the process – usually because they believe it will be expensive or require major investments in time and effort. Here’s a detailed look at what you can gain from digital transformation.

Be a part of the conversation

We live in a digital world and if you aren’t using digital platforms, you’re excluding your company from the conversation. New media has changed the way companies communicate with their prospective customers, interacting with them in ways that are different from traditional marketing methods. For example, Oreo took the opportunity to tweet a cheeky post during a Superbowl power outage in 2013. The result? It garnered 15 000 retweets and 20 000 likes on Facebook. And a whole lot of people started talking about Oreo.

Avoid staff churn

Digital transformation plays a key role in Employee Experience, which helps companies to attract and retain skilled staff. Focusing on EX not only results in employees who are engaged and empowered, but it racks up cost savings by avoiding staff churn with a strategy that’s designed to optimise time and eliminate excess expenditure.

Gain a competitive edge

One of the industries most affected by digital technology has been the publishing industry. But instead of being made redundant by new technology, The New York Times embarked on a few clever manoeuvres early on. In 2011, it put up a paywall on its website and hired more than 100 tech employees over the course of 2013 to focus on strengthening the user experience of the newspaper’s digital news reports. The 150-year-old media company also initiated apps as a new revenue source. The New York Times is now moving steadily towards its goal of becoming an $800 million (R11 trillion) digital business, mainly because of its digital transformation.

Don’t miss out on social selling

Using social networks, a Business to Business (B2B) company can procure leads and develop relationships. LinkedIn activities are monitored in an algorithm and used to produce a score on its Social Selling Index (SSI). Companies with a high score for their social media presence have been found to be more likely to achieve higher sales. Online social networks are crucial for many senior buyers and executives when they’re making big decisions about buying.

Cash in on digital transformation

While it’s true that digital transformation involves a financial commitment and an investment in time and effort, it‘s been proved that companies which don’t transform are losing their advantage and possibly driving themselves towards redundancy.

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