How League will drive your digital transformation

How League will drive your digital transformation
Oct 19

Justin Glanville

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Every business is on a digital transformation journey or should at least be thinking about how digital is going to impact their company and industry. As we’ve said before, marketing, like many other business functions, has become digital and is no longer just a component of the marketing mix. We are finding that many companies are still scrambling to incorporate technology into their existing business strategies.

To answer their call and that of our existing clients, League has repositioned itself as a digital transformation agency. Here’s what new and existing clients can expect from us:

Where to from here?

We have repositioned ourselves as a digital transformation agency, so now what? How will League be different from any other digital marketing agency? Building on our experience from the last 20 years, we will still offer the same services but are packaging them in a way that’s intentional and falls within the digital transformation context.

As a digital transformation agency, our strategy has become more holistic and solutions-driven. We are focusing on providing complete digital solutions to solve business problems and no longer boxing ourselves in as just a marketing, sales and digital platform agency.

We are focusing more on business consulting to ensure that we are identifying the right elements to develop and implement holistic digital solutions that add value through multiple touchpoints. We want to understand your challenges and opportunities and then provide mechanisms, platforms and frameworks to help you become a better business.

Adding more value

Our increased focus on consulting will see us build on our existing client relationship approach where we embed ourselves in our clients’ businesses. This enables us to add value on multiple levels and through various touchpoints. We have been working this way with our long-standing clients and can attribute their success to our partnership and deep understanding of their businesses. Our clients’ success is our success.

We believe that good results are what encourages companies to stay with their suppliers. We aim to add value that goes beyond just marketing, design and web development – we want to help our clients to perform better and to deliver on their KPIs.

Updated methodology

Clients often look for results or a deliverable such as a website, digital platform, app or leads. We have now moved towards a more solutions-based methodology where we understand that the challenges in the business might be spread across various departments.

Delivering value to a business is the sum of all the elements. So we are taking our capabilities and grouping them into solutions which ensure, among others, that you have a better-engaged workforce, attract better talent and increase sales. The end goal that we are measuring is the overall business success objectives.

Working with League

We believe in long-term meaningful relationships that deliver value to our clients. We can back this up when we look at the longevity of our relationships with some of our clients – some have been with us for more than 20 years, and most between three to five years. We are really passionate about building authentic relationships with our clients.

What drives us is creating growth-driven solutions that deliver impactful digital experiences and results. We want to create a positive work environment not only for our staff but for the clients who work with us.

Speak to us about our enhanced solutions and how we can help you to increase your digital footprint.

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