How we can help you right now

How we can help you right now
Mar 20

Cuan Humphries

Employee Experience

Customer Experience

This is a challenging time for all of us. The whole world has been flung into a new reality and it’s going to take some careful footwork as a business to make it through this pandemic era. But you’re not alone, we can help you meet the challenges we’re likely to face in the months to come.

We recommend shifting towards a strategy to maintain and retain as many of your customers as you can to minimise the long-term impact. Here are several ways in which we can help you do that.

  • Crisis comms or a communication plan

Communications regarding your adjusted services are going to be important for your customers. With so much uncertainty, you can help to reassure them. We can help you deliver the right message to customers and stakeholders who are looking for answers. A clear communication strategy is also important to ensure that staff, suppliers and customers understand any changes that are being made. Whatever the situation, it’s important that they are not left in the dark.

  • Working remotely

Remote collaboration tools have become essential to continue operating without putting your staff at risk. We can assist with the transition to a remote workforce and help you manage your customers remotely with the tools and processes you need.

  • Connecting sales teams and customers

Although it might be unfamiliar for some reps to start selling online, your team can play its part in most instances. Video conference calls have a greater impact on online sales than regular phone calls. You might not be able to close a substantial amount of business in this climate, but you can work the leads you have and focus your sales team's efforts on retaining your clients.

We can help you with a sales enablement programme that will give your business the ability to keep a handle on client communications, sales team engagements and more. Your sales team must have everything it needs to continue reaching out to customers.

  • Making use of data

Your database will prove to be an invaluable asset over the months to come. Not all client communications need to be digital, but reminding you to engage with a client and recording that engagement might prove to be invaluable in the future. We can help you to make the most of it.

  • Customer engagement

We can help you kick-start a customer experience programme or turn up the dial on an existing one if your customer engagement starts flagging.

  • Employee engagement

Employees are going to be widely impacted by this shift. The lack of team engagements, socialisation and general office morale is going to affect their ability to perform. Engage and involve your staff to help them keep up their spirits with an EX programme.

Some things to keep in mind

Your marketing efforts don’t have to stop, but they do need to take a radical shift. Our advice?


Prioritise customer retention, given that new business is likely to be more difficult to acquire.

Turn to your database for lead generation and focus on building it.

Start planning for recovery because getting back on track as quickly as possible is going to be important for your business.


Put too much effort into marketing to heavily affected industries such as restaurants, hotels and hospitals, among others.

And lastly…

Try to keep a cool head and carry on. It’s as much as we can do right now. Stay compassionate, help where you can, and have faith that this crisis will pass. We’ll see each other through it.

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