Striking the right balance between paid vs organic

Striking the right balance between paid vs organic
Feb 24

Christopher Brown

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When it comes to investing resources for organic or paid content, it's not a strict either-or decision. It's more like finding a delicate balance. Organic efforts are all about building genuine connections, while paid strategies help expand your reach and tap into a wider audience. So, let's dive in and see how combining these elements can supercharge your brand's online media presence.

Website health assessment for optimisation

Before we get into the details of blending organic and paid content, it's imperative to ensure your website is strong and sturdy. You want it to be optimised, with fast page speeds, good metadata, and plenty of capacity. This sets the stage for successful off-site SEO strategies. It's crucial to do a thorough assessment of your website's health – Google loves websites that provide a smooth user experience, and that can have a big impact on your search engine rankings.

Cost-effective organic channels

Generating organic traffic is key to nurturing audience engagement. Dive into high-quality methods of driving organic traffic through avenues like organic search and social media. The long-term relationships and trust built through organic traffic are invaluable. Take your strategy up a notch by incorporating email campaigns, aiming for brand recognition, audience building, and delivering valuable content to drive engagement.

Amplify brand awareness

Having a solid brand that people easily remember is crucial for attracting customers and increasing conversions. The connection between brand awareness and organic traffic is undeniable. A well-rounded brand strategy involves leveraging social media, content marketing, influencer marketing, and event marketing to make sure your brand is everywhere it needs to be. This will significantly boost your organic traffic.

Always-on performance plan

Performance marketing plays a vital role in maximising the impact of your digital advertising budget. Utilise platforms with advanced targeting capabilities like LinkedIn and Facebook to effortlessly connect with your target audience. Identifying conversion-driven channels for an always-on performance strategy will allow flexible budget allocations to the most effective channels.

It's crucial to measure your success through in-depth analytics, gaining valuable insights to continuously refine and optimise your campaigns. This helps you maximise your return on investment and achieve long-term success.

Combining organic and paid is a smart move

Organic traffic is great, but it takes time and effort to build up. You've got to optimise your website, create valuable content, and establish a strong online presence. It's a long-term strategy for sustainable growth, not a quick way to make a buck. Paid traffic, on the other hand, gives you instant visibility and conversions.

You can achieve steady growth, immediate visibility, and increased conversions by combining organic and paid traffic strategies. According to Endpointdigital, outbound marketing leads have a low loss rate of 1.7%, while organic search leads see a decline of 14.6%. This data suggests that maintaining a balanced approach, utilising both organic and paid strategies, can effectively enhance your digital marketing efforts.

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