Why emojis matter in digital communication

Why emojis matter in digital communication
May 23

Christine van Zyl

In today's fast-paced digital world, digital communication has become more important than ever. We're constantly bombarded with information, so our attention spans have become more limited, making it hard for brands to stand out. Enter the emoji, the tiny but mighty icon that can enhance your digital communication and convey an entire message with just one image.

Emojis convey emotion

Text can often come across as bland and emotionless, but emojis provide a simple way to convey how you're feeling. Whether it's a smiley face, a heart, or a thumbs-up, emojis add personality and emotion to your digital communications.

They're universally understood

With over 3 000 emojis to choose from, there's an emoji for every situation. Plus, since emojis are universally understood, they can bridge any communication gap, making them the perfect tool for connecting with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Emojis humanise brands

Brands that use emojis in their marketing messages are seen as more approachable and relatable. Emojis add a human touch to digital communications, making it easier for customers to connect with brands on a personal level.

Emojis increase engagement

Research shows that emojis in social media posts can significantly increase engagement. Whether it's likes, comments, or shares, emojis encourage followers to engage with your content in fun and creative ways.

Research shows that Facebook posts with emojis see 57% more likes and 33% more shares and comments. Emojis can also increase engagement on Instagram by 48% and Twitter by 25%. With such impressive statistics, it's clear that emojis are an essential tool for any brand looking to boost engagement and connect with customers through digital communication.

How to incorporate emojis into your digital marketing

Now that you understand the benefits of using emojis in your digital marketing, let's talk about how to incorporate them into your communications. Here are some tips:

Choose the right emoji

Not all emojis are created equal. Make sure to choose an emoji that accurately reflects the message you're trying to convey. You don't want to use an inappropriate emoji and risk offending your audience.

Don't overdo it

While emojis can be a great way to add personality to your digital communications, it's important not to overdo it. Too many emojis can make your message look cluttered and unprofessional.

Know your audience

Different emojis appeal to different audiences, so make sure you know your target audience and choose emojis that will resonate with them.

4. Be creative

Don't be afraid to get creative with your use of emojis. Consider creating your own branded emojis or using emojis in unexpected ways to grab your audience's attention.

Below are some more dos and don’ts when using emojis:

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Emojis are a powerful tool for enhancing digital communication. They add emotion, personality and a human touch to digital communications. Incorporating emojis into your digital marketing can increase engagement and make your brand stand out in a crowded market.

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