Your website is incomplete without these 5 key elements

Your website is incomplete without these 5 key elements
Jan 24

Justin Glanville

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To increase sales, you need to focus on the right web development elements. Ultimately, your website’s purpose is to drive revenue, and if it’s incapable of performing that role efficiently, it could end up costing your business a great deal in the long run in the form of lost opportunities. Stick with us as we explore the five indispensable web development components and explain how to drive sales to your website.

Optimised page load speed

Page load speed has a direct impact on user experience and, consequently, sales. Many would-be customers aren’t going to hang around waiting for your pages to load if a competitor site is faster. Slow-loading pages cause higher bounce rates and decreased engagement. Faster sites, by contrast, deliver higher conversion rates, and the highest occur on pages with load times of 0-2 seconds, according to HubSpot.

Mobile responsiveness

With mobile devices now accounting for nearly 60% of global web traffic, according to Statista, mobile responsiveness is non-negotiable for any business website. A mobile-responsive site enhances user experience, reduces bounce rates and increases the likelihood of engagement and conversions. It’s also essential for online visibility and attracting organic traffic because search engines prioritise mobile-responsive sites.

Secure HTTPS protocol

HTTPS protocol ensures secure and encrypted data transmission between the user's browser and the web server and is a key marker for trust online. Without it, users will be (rightfully) less willing to engage, disclose personal information and make an online purchase. HTTPS sites secure both the user and the business from cyber threats and data breaches, helping maintain a positive online reputation.

Clear path to conversion (UI/UX)

An intuitive user interface (UI) is vital for guiding visitors towards conversion points. A streamlined visitor's journey makes it easy for visitors to find what they need and take desired actions. This will help to maximise the effectiveness of your website while delivering a positive user experience that will likely see customers returning for more.

Engaging UI/UX design

Captivating UI/UX design is a key driver for user retention and customer satisfaction, as a site’s design directly influences how visitors perceive and interact with it. A well-crafted and visually appealing user interface, combined with a seamless and intuitive user experience, will capture users' attention and keep them engaged. It creates a positive first impression, fosters trust and enhances the overall brand image.

Get these five elements right and you’ll be well on your way to success online, but you’re likely to need some help along the way. It takes expertise to get the most out of your digital presence to acquire a truly modern site with cutting-edge functionality and an impressive design. Your business could unlock incredible ROI by partnering with the right digital agency, so come and learn more about our web design and development capabilities.

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