Digital business trends for 2020

Digital business trends for 2020
Jan 20

Jackie Stierlin

It’s the beginning of a whole new decade and a new opportunity to take advantage of digital innovations and digital transformation trends.

As consumers expect a multi-channel service and greater convenience, enterprises need to adopt new digital platforms, solutions and business models. So it has become more crucial to keep abreast of the trends that are revolutionising business and the Customer Experience. I’ve asked our senior team members to share their thoughts on some of the key trends and technologies that we should be keeping an eye on in 2020 and beyond.

Riaan Pietersen, Head of Development

I think blockchain is going to be one to watch. This technology is constantly progressing – blockchain powers the cryptocurrency market but it’s capable of far more than that. In its most basic form, blockchain is a distributed ledger that makes it near-impossible to tamper with, and this will be beneficial for many different industries. There has already been interest from the banking industry.

Cuan Humphries, Solution Architect

I like the agent interfaces trend for both CX and EX. They essentially use technology like chatbots and Alexa to communicate directly with customers, but with more intensive AI. This tracks a user's behaviour and interacts with them based on what they might want to do next. This could obviously be deployed for customers from an interface perspective and for employees on internal tools.

Christopher Brown, Head of Strategy

Interactive content is a trend that’s coming to the fore. We are now exposed to more content online than ever. To cut through all that noise and drive digital demand generation, marketers need to come up with new and exciting ways to present the content they’re putting out into the world. Interactive content allows users to engage and have fun while accessing the content they want in a natural way. The beauty of interactive content is that users can take in the information (they want and that businesses want them to absorb) without feeling directly targeted.

Ian Greaves, Chief Design Officer

Digital technology is progressing at a fast pace. The digital touchpoints we interact with have diversified from just desktop computers to smartphones, tablets, watches, VR, AR, XR and AI assistants within a decade. With this many digital touchpoints, we get to learn so much more about customers and can deliver unprecedented levels of personalisation.

Jackie Grieve, Head of Marketing and Strategy

The demand for companies or brands marketing program to have a multi-experience strategy is increasing and will continue to grow. To deliver on this trend, CX will be core to providing the multi-experience strategy from a design and development point of view. This effectively provides CX through your digital properties and also connects things in physical spaces. It’s a compelling experiential combination I look forward to creating for our clients.

If you think about the advances in Everything as a Service (XaaS), we understand how close we are getting to remarkable multi-experiences with a brand. XaaS, underpinned by incredible CX and UX built into any platform or device users prefer, is an astonishing trend that consumers want to experience. Couple this with AI and predictive analytics or behaviour models and it could produce ultra personalised experiences across the digital ecosystem.

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