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Earth Touch came to us brimming with ideas, so League Digital had to create a website that matched this enthusiasm and would not disappoint.

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Our planet is a busy place and amid all the noise, it's fairly easy for voices to get lost or never heard. Earth Touch provides a front seat to nature. Whether it’s land, sea or sky, viewers get to view the action as it happens. The Earth Touch News Network broadcasts wildlife stories from journalists and crew all over the world. What you see is what’s happening to our planet’s wildlife right now. The Earth Touch “about us” page states: "We want our articles and videos to make an impact, to bring you closer to the most urgent conservation issues of our time, and to show you just how fun and fascinating the natural world can be."

League built two platforms for Earth Touch. The first hosted the blogging portion of the website and the second was for broadcast sales where it features and sells its documentaries online. The League team enjoyed the challenge of creating an immersive experience for the end-user, bridging the gap between them and journalists in the field. It used compatible imagery and simplified the user interface to ensure the experience is streamlined.

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Each piece of segmented content has its own partial view dedicated to it. Our approach creates a simple and uncluttered web interface.
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