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How do you help small businesses to thrive in a competitive environment? Simple, give them access to end-to-end IT solutions at the click of a button.

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Ignite operates in the SME space and lauds small business owners for the contribution they make to the South African economy. Ignite aims to help SMEs flourish in the country. With this in mind, the team at Ignite wanted to deliver world-class client experiences and increase efficiencies by automating its product processing. League was asked to use its digital prowess to turn Ignite’s goals into a reality.

We believe that IT services should be easily accessible to SMEs. To make it easier to procure Ignite's services, we built a self-service website for the business. Customers can set up and pay for services almost instantly. As an integrated campaign and with the e-commerce site, inbound marketing was set up to determine user behaviour. The website is intelligent and visually appealing and both elements work side by side to impress digitally-savvy consumers.

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Each piece of segmented content has its own partial view dedicated to it. Our approach creates a simple and uncluttered web interface.

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