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Not many people know this, but MICHELIN manages several brands, including BFGOODRICH and TyrePlus.

What We Did

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When we took MICHELIN’s digital marketing on board, we understood at the outset that the separate management of each brand, and the synchronised alignment of each across the board, would be crucial for this client.

The digital objectives for all brands are to produce brand value and generate and nurture valuable leads. We proposed digital strategies for each brand based on the inbound methodology with a social strategy and paid media to underpin the main objective.

In technical terms, the main aim was to build a database. It’s easy to visualise the enormity of the database filtering in, so instead of simply collecting the data, we had to understand where all the customers were coming from. This is why we’re responsible for the segmentation of the data. Separate campaigns already help with that, but aspects such as building a microsite for a Bibendum campaign, coming up with the idea of an Adventure Club sign-up for BFGOODRICH so it could feel part of a community and setting up a Recamic workflow automation for the B2B market effortlessly filters the data.

The Recamic workflow is essentially a loyalty programme where people get their money back when they buy truck tyres. The workflow seamlessly connects the client and Recamic teams. The workflow is so intricate that it communicates to clients, the team, the factory and to our own marketing team.

In a bid to round it up and give the brand a boost, TyrePlus (MICHELIN’s tyre retailer which offers tyres and automotive services) received its own campaign to increase the potential buyer’s understanding of the TyrePlus products and services.

With our help, TyrePlus went from 10 leads to 100-150 leads a month. The client has said that this brand has experienced an increase in call volumes. Since everything fits together seamlessly, we integrate this campaign with the Bibendum one, seeing as it’s easy for customers to take a selfie with the MICHELIN Man in stores.

With a segmented audience, it makes it easier to send targeted, personalised content to each segment and reward them for being a customer.

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The Results

April - August 2019

2 887

Leads (from MICHELIN events and Bibendum campaign) with a 4 199 520 global Facebook reach


Leads reached from a goal of 500 for the BFGOODRICH Adventure Club sign-up (164% goal achieved) with a Facebook reach of 960 704


Leads notched up from the TyrePlus campaign with 286 054 Facebook reach


Leads generated from the Recamic landing page

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More than 1 900 leads were generated for the interactive MICHELIN and Me campaign from paid and organic media.

Social Media

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Responsive design with a seamless user experience that lets the content shine.

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