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Rae & Associates is an accounting software specialist that provides various accounting services such as bookkeeping services, payroll outsourcing, payroll product systems installation and implementation and accounting software solutions.

Their product range includes Xero Accounting, QuickBooks, Dext and PaySpace Payroll. Rae & Associates are experienced financial advisers with an interest in the success and financial well-being of their customer’s businesses, but their services do not end there. They take great care in providing specialist advice and guidance and ensuring businesses’s holistic financial health. Rae & Associates has a speciality in small to medium-sized enterprises.

Rae & Associates' requirement was to have a new, fully functioning website that gives the end-user everything that they need at their fingertips. They required their website to be service and product focused and have an easy conversion element to capture leads.

Rae & Associates also wanted us to create a digital marketing strategy to give them more brand exposure, credibility that is instantly recognisable and an online presence to establish them as industry leaders with the help of content, videos and webinars.

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The Results

Our results speak for themselves.


growth in Facebook followers


growth in LinkedIn followers


increase in engagement on Instagram


increased reach on Instagram

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“Love our new website. Thanks to the champions at League Digital for your incredible artistic flair and for getting our message out there.”

– Michelle Rae, Managing Director.

Social Media

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“I would confidently recommend League Digital as a full-service partner for all things digital, especially in the B2B space. The team at League are skilled and professional and works closely with you to help you find solutions to your unique business requirements. They are dedicated to helping you achieve growth and continuously optimise the elements they deliver to achieve this.”

– Michelle Rae, Managing Director.

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