Digital trends we think will be a big deal in 2024

Digital trends we think will be a big deal in 2024
Jan 24

David Jenkin

Digital Marketing Solutions

As we approach 2024, League is exploring the insights of our internal experts to uncover the trends shaping the digital landscape in the coming year. We went around and gathered knowledge from our diverse teams to bring you unique insights from the forefront of innovation in their respective fields.

From our web development guru, Riaan Pietersen:

“Front-end technologies continue to dominate the web development landscape with React and Angular remaining popular. We're also seeing newcomers like Svelte rising in popularity. We're also seeing advances in the capabilities of Cascading Stylesheets to further extrapolate business logic from layout and display requirements. Umbraco's new headless API makes integration of a Javascript front-end into your data a breeze.”

From our mastermind of web design, Werner Fourie:

“As designers, we need to look at AI with a positive outlook on enhancing our design skills and exploring generative design and style transfer tools to create faster variations.

We should collaborate with AI for design suggestions, use image recognition for inspiration, and employ automated prototyping tools. AI is great for things like colour palette suggestions and design assistance and experimenting with AI-powered photo editing for graphic enhancements. For me, Generative Fill was probably the best introduction to 2023 and expanding to video for 2024. We need to stay open minded and keep up to date on evolving technologies.

Overall, integrating AI into any design process can save time, generate unique ideas and enhance the creative workflow within your team.”

From our digital sales maestro and CEO, Justin Glanville:

“So, the obvious one for me lies in the effective use of AI, steering clear of merely contributing to the overwhelming sea of content. How can we ensure that AI doesn't foster complacency and become a generator of more noise than signal?

While the inevitable integration of AI streamlines the analysis of data and expedites the creation of sales messaging and content, the real magic lies in intelligent prompting. Utilise the time saved to think strategically about the desired outcomes from your communications.

The differentiator emerges in leveraging existing knowledge about your prospects and their needs gleaned from online behaviour or your CRM. Personalising and imparting meaningful messaging will distinguish you from being mere background noise, making you a clear signal in the storm.”

From our dynamic duo of content and social marketing, David Jenkin and Christine van Zyl:

“More than ever, digital audiences are looking for authenticity and purpose-driven content. Online audiences are ever-more discerning, and increasingly, they will be looking for genuine content that has a clear purpose. When possible, brands should consider ways to go beyond simply selling products and services and share their stories, values and vision. This human-centric approach can work hand-in-hand with AI to maximise a content team’s effectiveness in building comprehensive and personalised content journeys across the optimal mix of platforms and formats, nurturing meaningful and lasting customer relationships. In addition, voice search is becoming increasingly prevalent, thanks to smart devices and virtual assistants, which means content needs to be optimised to match this more natural language style. Social content is also evolving to cater to the growing phenomenon of social search, where users are seeking out conversations and community recommendations, and we can expect to see that trend continuing to grow in 2024 as well.”

From our strategic visionary and account managing expert, Christopher Brown:

"I believe 2024 marks a pivotal shift towards embracing a strategic approach to digital marketing. According to Smart Insights' Managing Digital marketing research report, 47% of businesses DON’T have a digital marketing strategy in place, but they are doing digital marketing. Recognising the profound impact of digital, organisations have to acknowledge the need to align their digital efforts with well-defined strategic frameworks. This shift signifies a departure from siloed and ad-hoc digital practices, emphasising a more intentional and integrated approach that aligns with broader business objectives. In the evolving landscape of 2024, strategic thinking in the digital realm is not just a best practice but a cornerstone for success."

We’ll help you make the most of these trends

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