How to improve post-pandemic employee collaboration

How to improve post-pandemic employee collaboration
Jun 22

Cuan Humphries

Employee Experience

Covid-19 changed working together from something usually done in person to collaborating in a virtual space, but will this stick in a post-pandemic world?

Wherever Covid-19 takes us from here, what is clear is that it has had a seismic impact on the workplace. Since it began, companies have been faced with a single dilemma: striking the right balance between what executives and employees want.

In a recent study of 1600 US and 4000 workers globally by Adaptavist, half want to continue working from home, but that same demographic expressed frustration with the tools and technologies that are currently used in their organisations. This frustration can be damaging because the future workplace should be an accessible hub where employees from all over the world can log in and collaborate.

Build a road map

When the pandemic struck many senior leaders were preoccupied with making digital work from a security and productivity perspective, it’s only more recently that they’ve come to appreciate the significance of employee experience as part of a digital concern. Now that remote work is so popular, digital is the way to go. But with remote working, the right technology has become an essential tool to driving engagement and creating a great employee experience.

Engaging employees requires a robust corporate culture that cultivates shared values, fosters transparency, and promotes open employee collaboration, among many other important characteristics. To guide you, you can incorporate a roadmap for employee experience. This will help to remove any complexity from hybrid and distributed work environments.

Better insight

Collaboration tools, analytics, reporting and compliance tools have become the top three areas of technology investment as they enable businesses to adapt to current circumstances and future changes. These investments have been beneficial for many companies, but much work remains to be done to fully leverage the rise of digital workplace tools for productivity, collaboration, and management to improve the employee experience.

We need to offer our businesses and workers the very best technology we can to help them cope with today's challenging work environment.

Seamless employee collaboration

Creating a powerful employee experience that encourages seamless collaboration, improved creativity, higher productivity, and higher engagement is key to not only surviving but also driving revitalisation and growth. By doing so, companies can help employees reach their full potential, and access that potential in a more direct way than ever before.

The only way out of an uncertain economic climate is through successful revitalisation and innovation. The latest technologies make it possible for both HR departments and employees to realise their dreams.

The key to achieving this successfully is to apply the right employee experience technologies across the full spectrum of business and personal needs. Different people have different ideas of what creates a "seamless" experience. To some, it might mean having access to digital devices and being able to use them effortlessly. Others might focus on having the right tools to manage all aspects of their work and life.

But regardless of what individuals think, there are some things that are essential for a seamless experience. This includes being able to personalise the experience to fit your needs, having access to support when you need it, and the ability to keep learning and growing.

Tools are the key

If you want to provide the right digital workplace, you need to ensure that your employees can connect to create positive work experiences. We can develop an employee experience strategy just for your organisation so that they can get the right communications when they need it and feel valued.

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