Why a custom website is best for your business

Why a custom website is best for your business
Oct 22

Riaan Pietersen

Web Development

A pre-configured website may be appealing from a timing and budgetary perspective, but it might be better to consider creating a website designed from scratch. A custom-built website is a one-time investment that will last for years to come.

Tailored websites allow you to showcase your business in the best possible way and set you apart from competitors. There are no limitations or restrictions on how you develop your website. This means your site will look different to any other site and reflect the uniqueness of your business.

One size does not fit all

When we develop a custom website, we start with a process of understanding who our clients are, who their customers are and what pain points they are experiencing. Why? When your website users are more engaged, they are more likely to be interested in your products or services. Plus, the right kind of B2B specialist digital marketing agency (like ours) will ensure that your content is search engine optimised for specialised sales and marketing to reach your target audience. That means more leads and more sales.

Build credibility

Custom websites provide a unique and professional look. They also help you build credibility and trust with your audience. Template layouts (for example, from WordPress) look generic and don’t speak to your particular industry. It can look uncompelling. When you tailor a website, it speaks to your audience. And you can ensure it’s compatible with the devices, browsers and operating systems that people in your industry use. We can also make sure it’s optimised for mobile.

One of the ways a custom website allows you to project the right image of your business is by ensuring that your user experience is on point. The look and functionality of your website shouldn’t be underestimated. Many potential customers will lose interest in your company if they arrive at a website which gives a bad impression. So a website that looks the part will increase leads and reduce lost opportunities for your business.

Decisions based on your content

With a template, you make decisions based on a mock-up with content that fits the template perfectly, which means you might have to cut down on crucial information. But when you make a custom website, you will know how it will look with your content. So you can make decisions that specifically take your business’s unique content into consideration from the get-go without losing valuable words.

Take what you need

With a template development tool, you will probably buy features or plugins you don’t want or need. They might require you to pay when they need maintenance, have slower loading times, possible code conflicts and security issues. A custom website gives you only the features and plugins that you want.

Having control over the page builder means editing will be easier. It’s also scalable, allowing you to add to it as your business grows. A template-built website would not be able to add the features you might need in future, like including e-commerce functionality. Your custom-built website will have a longer lifespan. And with a designated developer monitoring the security and updating plugins, it will also be more secure.

Flexible CMS

Experienced web developers can customise a content management system (CMS) with all the features you want. That means that you can easily do in-house website content updates. And if you need more complex changes, you will have a direct line to someone who can support you.

League has custom web development services to take your website to the next level. If you are ready to take the first step in your digital platforms journey, check out our brochure here.

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