Avis Fleet: Driving engagement with digital marketing during the pandemic

Avis Fleet: Driving engagement with digital marketing during the pandemic
Dec 21

Eamon Allan

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Covid-19 took the world by storm in 2020 and had a devastating effect on the global community. The pandemic also had a profound effect on business as we scrambled to adapt to the new ways of working that it ushered in. When it comes to our business, we are proud to say that we weathered these storms and even made advancements for our clients. In this case study, we look at how League Digital dealt with the challenges of 2020 for Avis Fleet and made significant gains for them.

We started revamping the Avis Fleet website in 2015. League built an inbound strategy to increase brand awareness after the launch of its new logo, including content strategy and online social media and a social selling strategy. The goal was to attract new visitors to the site, establish their authority in the industry and bring customers to their sales team.

Moving into 2019, we focused the digital game plan to ensure that all the established digital properties from the website, social media, emails and other elements worked towards sales enablement and lead generation. We reworked the customer journey and improved this digital experience, redesigning the corporate Avis Fleet website and initiating an interactive sales engine.

We feel these numbers speak for themselves and show that we were successful in garnering more brand awareness, exposure and engagement for Avis Fleet:

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